Celebrating Earth Day with Sustainable Wallcoverings, Carpets, and Fabrics


As Earth Day approaches, we’re thrilled to share our sustainable collection of wallcoverings, carpets, and fabrics. These products showcase our commitment to environmental responsibility and the use of natural materials. Let’s explore our collection and how it aligns with the values of Earth Day.


 Omexco Wallcoverings


Omexco’s latest collection, Intuition, highlights the inherent richness of natural fibers in their purest form. This range features diverse materials such as cork, mica, and bamboo, all chosen for their sustainability and natural beauty. Omexco’s dedication to using eco-friendly practices and materials ensures that you can enjoy stunning wallcoverings while also respecting the planet. You can discover more about Omexco’s collection on their website


 Rols Carpet

For over 100 years, Rols Carpet has been designing and weaving custom-sized rugs and carpets sustainably in Spain. The production process takes place in Crevillent, a small town in Alicante with a rich tradition in textile production. Their approach emphasizes quality craftsmanship while using sustainable methods and materials. The commitment to keeping production centralized in Spain also reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting materials.

Crevin Fabrics

Crevin Fabrics draws inspiration from the power of nature. Since September 2022, the company has been powered by renewable, green energy, mainly from windmills. This shift to renewable energy sources demonstrates their dedication to minimizing the environmental impact of their operations. Crevin Fabrics continues to explore innovative ways to use natural and recycled materials in their textiles.



Our collection of sustainable wallcoverings, carpets, and fabrics aligns with the spirit of Earth Day. By choosing these products, you’re not only investing in high-quality, beautiful materials but also contributing to a healthier planet. We invite you to explore our offerings and make conscious choices that reflect your commitment to sustainability.

Let’s work together to create a better future for our world!

Identity Trend Forecast 2024

In a world where luxury and innovation converge, the field of interior design is experiencing a remarkable transformation. NGC Nafees, a Dubai-based distributor of walls, floors, and fabrics, and Tapetex, a renowned Dutch high-end wallpaper manufacturer, in collaboration with Intelier and Identity magazine brought together a selected group of leading interior designers and thought leaders, specialising in the hospitality and residential sectors. We asked these experts to offer insights into the emerging trends in high-end interiors in 2024. 

From bold colours, timeless aesthetics, and immersive experiences, within this exclusive report, we delve into their forecasts for luxury design, encompassing a shift towards bolder colours, personalisation, experimentation and a seamless fusion of technology and artistry. 

Rakan Jandali, design principal and creative director at KCA International:

“The most significant shift is that we’re moving away from exclusively creating safe designs, which predominantly focus on tonality and monochromatic interiors. So, no more reliance on just beige and gray tones. Now, we are encouraged to experiment more with colors and textures, introducing a layering effect in our interiors. This allows for specific elements, such as a cushion or a feature wall, to become a part of your DNA for the entire hotel design.

When discussing hospitality, and similarly for residential projects, clients are now seeking more bold colors, bold interiors, and experimental designs, moving away from the previously safe designs. This is the direction we’re heading in. Most hotels and operators aim to maintain their brand and the iconic look and feel of the brand.

However, with our creativity as designers, we can always enhance this experience and look by incorporating our own design languages and DNA.

Indeed, we will be moving away from minimalist, safe designs toward more intricate layering and additional details. We will see an increase in the use of metal inlays, diverse textures, and timber inlays in our ceiling and wall designs.”

Firas Alsahin, co-founder and design director of 4SPACE Design:

“I believe we are transitioning towards a concept of quiet luxury, characterised by timeless interiors. We’re likely to witness an increase in silver accents, moving away from goldish surfaces. Decorative surfaces will remain prevalent, perhaps with a focus on sculptural furniture pieces, and we will definitely see vintage elements being incorporated into interiors. Imagine integrating vintage lighting from the Italian and French eras of the 1950s into a beautiful, timeless space, possibly featuring marble surfaces and marble furniture pieces, adding a sculptural element to the interiors.

So, it seems we are still favoring warmth, natural hues, and materials and these elements are expected to be prominent in the forecast for luxury interiors.”

Julijana Mitic, design director at Gensler Middle East:

“I would say hospitality is definitely going to focus heavily on experience. Therefore, all materials that contribute to this experience, whether through touch and feel, play a significant role. Trendy colors may come and go, but I believe the involvement of local artists and heritage can provide a unique identity to a place, based on its location and context. This approach could significantly enhance the experience for people. Involving local artists and materials, which also ties into sustainability especially after COP 28, will be crucial. 

Other trends will obviously include AI, incorporating everything from social media to creating ‘Instagrammable’ moments. This isn’t new, but anything that contributes to this, be it materials, sculptures, or installations, will remain relevant for some time. AI’s role extends beyond operational aspects in hotels to utilizing data for personalized experiences and solving robust problems.

The driving force behind hospitality will be the overall experience, whether it’s geared towards health, visual appeal, or emotional well-being. This, I believe, will be the main driver.”

Kristina Zanic, founder of Kristina Zanic Consultants:

“I’d like to see a much more eclectic design approach, one that is bold and dynamic. I believe that’s the direction in which design is heading. People are becoming more daring, so I’m hopeful that we will start to move away from overly calm interiors.

For me, luxury is fundamentally about space, not necessarily the colors or materials used. It’s about how we utilise that space. That’s what luxury means to me.”

Carla Conte, founder and creative director of Brand Creative:

“I think the last two years have seen a lot of the quiet luxury kind of experience, with soft tones, tone-on-tone, the neutrals, and the beiges. We’ve definitely worked on a lot of them ourselves. But I do think that 2024 will be a celebration of richer tones in terms of colors and textures. I think people are going to be a bit more bold and dynamic with layering. Certainly, we love to do that in our own studio, with color and different textures, working with fabrics and wall coverings to create a layered effect.

And I do think some of the best designers know how to layer, with lots of different elements. It’s just like developing a story. We all talk about narrative and building a narrative. It’s the same with space. There’s always a canvas of some sort, but from there, you build on it.

And I believe the richer tones, especially when it comes to accessories and art, will see a unique approach. Instead of calling it a trend, a more authentic approach to art and accessories will be taken, where things will be much more personalized and may touch on history and things like that.”

Riham Farajy, senior project designer at David Tkint studio:

“As a design studio specialising in luxury design and lifestyle projects, we are deeply interested in storytelling or crafting narratives through our work.

For luxury design, it’s primarily about the experience itself. I believe guests now seek to immerse themselves fully in that experience. The more impressive the experience, the better guests feel about the design, particularly when discussing luxury.

It also encompasses comfort, the overall ambience, and the sense of relaxation, which can vary from one guest to another based on their background or what they are seeking. Regarding colours, neutral and muted tones have been prevalent in previous years.

However, I feel that natural colours are still present but now in a bolder form, such as earth tones with more vibrancy, like terracotta and deep green, mixed with some muted metals. This represents the evolving luxury trend in colour schemes.”

Susana Aldrabinha, interior designer at DLR Group:

“So, I feel like we’re at a point where what is termed ‘quiet luxury’ prevails, yet we’re incorporating a lot of technology into our projects in a manner that allows us to blend the culture of the space seamlessly, achieving a very understated tone, not overtly bold with the colours we use. However, we do employ accent colours, predominantly in hospitality, which is very much about creating tranquil spaces. These spaces merge with the local culture, allowing us to insert numerous small details and utilise what technology offers us today, thereby reinventing our approach to design daily.

For this year, regarding pops of colour, we’re likely to see shades of jewel yellows and even the new Pantone colour, which leans towards salmon, introducing warm colours into a neutral palette.”

Mehmet Aktash, managing director at Bishop Design:

“I think a lot of what’s happening in this community, in the design world at the moment, is we’re seeing a lot of collaborations. And I think what’s shifted is that we’ve seen luxury, obviously luxury products, luxury brands in the industry, in the market for a long time.

And now we’re seeing them wanting to create their own environments and really bring their touch of luxury into a lifestyle, into an environment. So, we see more collaborations, and I think even today is a great example of collaborations and the people that are involved today. And that’s what is driving, I guess, a lot of the projects that we’re certainly involved with and even independently. We are now seeing branded residences in isolation, without the hotel attachments to these spaces.

So that’s what I think is probably the biggest trend that we’ve seen in terms of the diversity of projects and the projects that we have on board.”

Dina Murali, design director at DZ Design:

I can see an emergence of traditionalism, coupled with a fearlessness in using color. Moreover, luxury spaces are no longer just designed but also decorated. There’s a re-emergence of antique pieces in very contemporary spaces and great detailing, such as gypsum on the ceiling. However, it still incorporates contemporary features, indicating a mix of design trends, which is emerging and pleasant to observe. I see a lot of jewel colors coming through; I’ve been dabbling in a lot of amber and ruby. Another trend I find really interesting for 2024 is the predominant mixing of metals. Here, and in the gorgeous Atlantis piece we added, there’s a blend of stainless steel, chrome, and a mix of bronze, brass, and copper. I would really welcome moving away from everything being tone-on-tone and matchy-matchy, if you will.

I feel luxury has always been present, but now there’s a significant emergence of expressing oneself and letting personality shine through in spaces. Personal touches to any space are now embraced without hesitation.”

Monica Twaroski, design director at EMA Studios”

“I’d say there’s obviously a push for sustainability, but I think what’s important is the honesty in sustainability, not just using it as a slogan, but actually executing on it. This includes where the materials are coming from and how they are being produced. Taking it a step further involves maintaining the purity of craftsmanship within those materials and reverting to basics for the longevity of materials.

Because quite often, I’m not necessarily fond of the word “trend” because it implies something temporary that will come and go. But I think adopting a holistic approach is what’s needed, aiming for what could be called the ‘slogan of the day.’ I found ‘classic craftsmanship’ quite fitting. It embodies the honesty of the material and the work, including when it’s produced locally.

I think there’s more layering now. You have the simplicity of materials, and this simplicity is what gives them longevity because it’s timeless. However, layering them with textiles or wall coverings offers a classical look as well, but brought in a modern way that’s refined and not over-cluttered, yet refreshing.”

Melani Sabhaney, founder and partner at Interspace:

“In 2024, things appear quite peaceful. The trends and colors emerging in both hospitality and residential sectors are soft, more natural, and textured.

I observe a significant demand for colors like sage and stone—soft hues, but interior design often tends to follow fashion to some extent. Thus, there are always strong pops of red or other elements trending in fashion that gradually seep into interiors and hospitality. That seems to be the current trend.

Luxury, to me, is conveyed through feeling. It’s always about how you feel in a space. A simple place can exude luxury, and that’s down to the colors and textures introduced into that environment. It’s not really about the bling. It’s about how one feels in the space. That’s what luxury represents to me.”

Lara Francis El Hani, senior design manager at Kling Consult.

“People are becoming more perceptive about luxury. They visit places and return with newfound knowledge. However, a new trend is emerging where more natural finishes are making a comeback. We’re seeing an increase in textures, subtle colors, and even a bit of ethnic or beachy colors, such as sandy tones. Warm tones are returning, contrasting with some vivid colors typically not associated with luxury.

Luxury embodies timelessness and elegance, along with value in the finishes. There’s a resurgence of colors. The color of the year has been trendy since last year, so its continued popularity isn’t surprising. Nowadays, it’s not just about the main color of the year but the entire palette that accompanies it. These tones provide contrast and complement each other, contributing to the overall atmosphere, infused with feelings and emotions.”

Monica Arango, founder of Cestici Design:

“I believe that this year we’re truly craving for personality, an original vintage look that weaves the past and future together.

I’m not keen on using the word ‘trends,’ but it’s evident that design is gravitating towards craving for personality, embracing uniqueness, and not shying away from mixing colors and patterns. In terms of the color palette, we’re advancing towards a preference for chocolate tones, rich browns, high-end use of walnut, and the profound depths of dark woods. Regarding color trends, which I’m not fond of, it’s clear we’re revisiting that French look and feel, reminiscent of vintage aesthetics.

Overall, I believe 2024 will be about discovering your own personality, not just discussing styles, but truly creating a harmonious composition.”

Giulia Quaglia, senior associate at XBD Collective:

Add Your Heading Text Here

“My color for 2024 will be green in all shades. I believe we will see an increase in colors, patterns, and textures, definitely. It seems we are transitioning from the beige era to something a bit more playful and engaging.

I wouldn’t label it as maximalism, but rather a gradual shift in that direction, which undoubtedly makes our work much more enjoyable.

For me, luxury embodies timeless comfort. It’s about creating an environment that feels like home, particularly since I focus on residential projects, yet also places you in a distinctive and intriguing space.

It’s a comprehensive experience of colors, textures, and uniqueness. This is what luxury represents to me.”

Tanya Ivin Karam, founder of Interior Takeover:

“For 2024, in luxury interiors, I anticipate a significant trend towards more natural materials. This includes a shift towards earthy tones and raw textures. Personally, I’m observing a slight decline in the popularity of large slabs of tile and porcelain tile.

I’m increasingly drawn to the authenticity of real marble and stone, appreciating their depth and texture. This preference extends to wall coverings as well.

In 2023 and 2022, we witnessed a dominance of whites, off-whites, and very light tones.

For 2024, I foresee colors becoming stronger and darker while maintaining a very natural feel. My personal favorite color for 2024 is akin to burnt caramel. It leans towards brown but incorporates a hint of slightly rusty orange. This color is incredibly warm, cozy, and adds an elevated touch to any space.”

Aleena Waqas, founder of AW Interiors:

“So, what’s really capturing the luxury interiors currently are the rich, dark tones such as charcoals, blacks, along with deep, moody emerald purples and navy. These colors are defining the aesthetic of this year, offering a deeply intimate vibe that invites individuals to immerse themselves in a space that feels both personal and expansive. This palette allows for sophisticated interplays of lighting and textures, creating environments that are enveloping, dark, and incredibly moody.

Moreover, a significant trend I’m observing is the integration of digital art into interior spaces. This movement towards incorporating digital art, along with innovative lighting effects, is setting a modern and urban tone. It’s not just about the aesthetic appeal but also about creating dynamic spaces that reflect contemporary life, blending art and technology in ways that are cutting-edge, trendy, and uniquely expressive.”

Alexandra Mojse, founder of MOY design studio:

“There’s still a notable preference for neutrals among our clients. This choice resonates with them as it brings a sense of calm and peace to their living spaces, resembling the tranquil ambiance of a spa. Interiors are often accentuated with elements like stone, marble, and an abundance of wood. The incorporation of wood contributes to the concept of biophilic design, blurring the lines between the outdoors and indoors, a feature that modern clients are increasingly seeking. 

Additionally, the Pantone Colour of The Year – Peach Fuzz is making its presence felt. It remains to be seen how clients will respond to this particular shade, but I believe it has the potential to enhance the natural look and feel of spaces, infusing them with vibrancy. Accents, including items like wallpaper and cushions, play a significant role. These elements provide the flexibility to adapt the space over time, which is important as some colors may fall out of favour.”

Bethany Lockhart, interior designer at Ele interior.

“The trend that I foresee for 2024 is continuation form last year and is centered around a sense of quiet luxury. This approach places a strong emphasis on heavy textiles, wallpaper, and a neutral, minimal base. The idea is to accentuate and elevate the luxury factor by incorporating statement furniture pieces and modules.

In the realm of residential design, this trend remains prominent. People are keen to achieve a hotel-like ambiance that exudes timelessness. Furniture pieces are selected with versatility in mind, allowing for easy interchangeability.

Furthermore, there’s a notable focus on incorporating exotic marble pieces, whether in walk-in spaces or as striking additions to coffee tables, creating statement pieces that elevate the overall aesthetic.”

Mariam Abouelfotouh, founder of Interior Flavor:

“I believe that the overall interior trends for 2024 will emphasise a sense of quiet luxury, prioritising quality over quantity. This approach extends to the quality of materials and fabrics used, as well as the colour palette. Personally, I’m inclined towards warmer reds and browns, which are making a comeback and are expected to trend in 2024.

To me, luxury in food is defined by the use of high-quality materials. It doesn’t necessitate an abundance of materials in a single space; rather, it involves skillfully layering a few select materials together. When all of these materials are of the highest quality, they collectively create a luxurious effect. For me, the colour that encapsulates this sentiment is brown.”

Sara Khamis, founder of Sara Khamis Design:

“When it comes to colours, my personal favorite is blue, a hue that I consistently incorporate into my projects. Interestingly, I’ve noticed it trending again in 2024.

As for colors, I’m particularly drawn to the postmodern style, both in interior design and in the realm of textures and fabrics. I have a penchant for layering, using wallpaper and fabrics extensively throughout my designs.

Interior Design Trends from January 2024

In January, Elizabeth Ockford went to Frankfurt to visit Heimtex , Hannover to the carpet fair, Domotex, and lastly to Paris for the Deco Off.
In this blog she outlines some of the more exciting things- trends, colours, interior passions that she spotted at the European shows.

“ Heimtex is always a rather daunting fair to visit as it’s enormous. Housed in over 10 large warehouse size spaces, you can find there exhibits of fabrics, wallpapers and also some carpets. The exhibitors range from luxury interior houses from Europe to those from the Far East and China, whilst also small design studios show their original painted artworks for Sale.

After a few quiet years as a result of the Covid outbreak, this year the fair was regaining impetus. Many stands exhibited quite maximalist displays with heady layers of colour and pattern.

Trevira Cs Stand

Browns and warm tones

Many of the showrooms were full of warm tones – creams, tangerine oranges and browns. These are a move on from the gray pastel tones that have been prevalent in recent years. Perhaps they invoke the cozy comfort and security that we all want, especially in turbulent times like these.

Omexco Showroom

Nobilis Showroom

Peach Fuzz Influence

Announced as the Colour of the Year for ’24, there was certainly a strong influence of Peach Fuzz. It’s a welcome thing for me, as Im wholeheartedly embracing the arrival of warmer tones in the Decorator’s colour palette. This opulent display greeted you as you entered the Manuel Canovas showroom. The ethnic pattern on the drapes is also a trend of note – and the charm and humor in the an asymmetrical side table brings a smile to your face.


Manuel Canovas Showroom

Opulent Luxury Inspired by the 70’s

Flamant Showroom

More peachy tones on show here in the Flamant showroom. But it also shows the strong influence of retro and 70’s design on the furniture shapes all over the Deco Off Fair. The soft curves and warm woods used in this style of furniture complement well the warmer tones of colours being used.

Pierre Frey Showroom

This area of Pierre Frey also shows the use of ethnic influences in design – Ikats and African inspired geometrics.

Oriental Inspiration and interesting base papers

More peachy tones on show here in the Flamant showroom. But it also shows the strong influence of retro and 70’s design on the furniture shapes all over the Deco Off Fair. The soft curves and warm woods used in this style of furniture complement well the warmer tones of colours being used.

Pierre Frey Showroom Window

Omexco Showroom

Armani Casa Showroom

Oriental Inspiration and interesting base papers

But… a visit to Paris always has to include some self indulgence! An Éclair Chocolat for a morning coffee break – and then a Croque Monsieur ( a delicious toastie of ham, cheese and bechamel ) at one of my favorite Paris shops – Merci.

Exploring The Royal Atlantis’ luxurious wall coverings with NGC Nafees and Tapetex

NGC Nafees, a Dubai-based distributor of walls, floors, and fabrics, and Tapetex, a Dutch high-end wallpaper manufacturer, in media partnership with Identity magazine, hosted a unique event for leading regional designers, specializing in the hospitality and residential sectors.

Titled “Behind the scenes: A luxury experience at The Royal Atlantis,” this exclusive gathering offered a rare opportunity to explore behind the scenes of one of the world’s most luxurious resorts.

Opened in February 2023, The G.A Group were responsible for all aspects of Atlantis The Royal ‘s interior design. The G.A Group first travelled to Dubai in 2014, after being invited to take part in a design competition for the hotel’s new concept.

For Atlantis Tapetex developed custom coloured linen and supplied 60,000 linear meters of linen wallcovering for the guestrooms and hallways. During the visit, the designers also had the chance to see first-hand some of the custom-colored linen wallcoverings by Tapetex.

A select group of designers and thought leaders shared their vision for luxury design in 2024, highlighting some of the emerging trends in high-end interiors.

Stay tuned for their valuable insights.

Luxury Interior Trends for 2024

As we head into 2024, there are many new trends that can be seen in Interiors for the year ahead.

 It is not surprising that in our homes we are now seeking a little more comfort and softness in our interiors. Here are some of the highlights of the exciting new designs that you can expect to see through 2024.







Bold Colours

It has been predicted that the appeal of grey and white kitchens and endless Beige boucle upholstery will start to taper off in 2024 in favour of vibrant , saturated and increasingly edgy colour combinations. The use of citrus greens and warm tangerines together with the peach fuzz colour of the year, combined with much warmer neutrals will give a little bit of zest to our interior decoration.


Brown Renaissance

In 2024 then, the neutrals that we are working with will become softer and warmer. In replacement of the cool Grays that we have become so familiar with,  “chocolate neutrals” will become the new basic palette.

That doesn’t mean that everything will have to become brown! But wood finishes will become less ash and limed white , in favour of the use of  darker colours such as walnut and teak.

 Neutrals will have warm tones to them – so anything in the colour gamut through from white to strong beige will still be very usable but it will have a much warmer tone.





Inviting Living Rooms

All this means that we can say goodbye to  cold white living rooms and embrace the living space in which  you can actually relax and feel cosy. The minimalist trend is still with us, but it has evolved into a look that is less rigid with a warm and inviting feel . We will see warm textural spaces with natural materials are moody earthier colour palettes.

Alongside the warm neutrals just mentioned, we will also see a move towards more creams, rusts, muted greens, browns and of course peachy tones. The popular boucle textures of course will still be with us in smaller amounts, as they are such a cosy touch to add to an interior.


Colorful Carpet

For a long time wall-to-wall carpet was only acceptable in beige wool or sisal, and something patterned felt like a hellish throwback to the 1970s.  Increasingly though, designers are using both muted and bold patterns in carpets and often you can see floors swathed in earthy or jewel-like colours.

 A bold or playful floor doesn’t need to equate to Maximalism – you can have fun with your rug and then calm down the rest of the interior to work around it – in this way the statement rug or carpet becomes the key piece around which the rest of the design follows.


Surprising Murals

Bold and imaginative murals continue to become more and more a feature of our interiors. Through 2024 they may be used in more imaginative spaces such as foyers and stairwells. Designers are becoming very clever at considering the actual shape of the space that the mural is going into.

Just as a well designed and coloured patterned carpet can be the key focal point of your interior, so can a beautiful mural

First Glimpses: Dubai Design Week and Downtown Design 2023

‘Big and Better’, read headlines before Dubai Design Week 2023 started. An exhaustive list of installations, coupled with scintillating talks curated at The Forum at Downtown Design forecasted that the claims were anything but baseless. Yet, design aficionados were curious to see how it all culminates.

Dubai Design Week began November 7th 2023, while Downtown Design kickstarted on November 8th with a VIP preview. Come 9th November, Dubai Design District (the heart of it all) was filled with international and local visitors flocking to see what the show had to offer this year.

Within the bylanes of Dubai Design District, the emphasis on local heritage is palpable. The much-talked about Abwab Commission by architect Abdalla Almulla stands sturdy and tall, smack in the middle of the venue. A few miniature pop-up shops are settled on its edges, and visitors can be seen frequenting the mighty, shaded installation to pose for a picture. With spotlighting indigenous materials and techniques comes a shared focus on sustainability amongst the installations.

Features like a long table tennis set-up and invigorating installations (small and big) at almost every other turn has transformed Dubai Design Week into an inherently social and bustling time. Within the building blocks of Dubai Design District, offices are hosting a variety of events. From private lunches to open-invite talks and workshops, there is something for everyone. 

And the weather, more or less, seems to factor it all. The morning until early afternoon might begin on the mild side of toasty, but eventually a soft breeze guides visitors’ paths as they tread from one building to another. The walk to the Downtown Design tent is hence, a pleasant one.

One step inside the tent, and the difference from its previous years is unmissable. One can’t put a finger on it. It could be visibly better designed booths, or perhaps participation by revered international brands this time around that calibrates for it. Either way, most booths this year have taken to a conceptual route, enticing passersby with mysterious and bold set-ups. In all this, the central theme seems to be ‘quality’, whether it be of the products or design.

A picture might speak a thousand words, and a video might provide enough insights, but witnessing Dubai Design Week 2023 would only be doing the regional design event of the year justice. Besides, would you want to be a part of a conversation later on, where nearly every discussion ends with ‘you had to be there?’

The Must-Visit 10 Downtown Design Stands

Downtown Design is returning for its 10th edition, this time with a greater emphasis on booth design. As one of the main attractions at Dubai Design Week 2023, the exhibition is expected to have plenty of eye-grabbing attractions, here are the 10 that you should not skip…

Ideal Standard

Booth-in-Booth Magic
Booth A-8

At Downtown Design 2023, sanitary brand Ideal Standard will bring their newest collections to the spotlight. Namely, Solos Fittings and Ceramics Collection, Alu+ Showering System, Gusto Kitchen Mixers, and the i.Life B Collection in grey color will usurp centre stage in a stand with a booth-in-booth concept. Roberto Palomba, Chief Design Officer at Ideal Standard, will also grace the event and even partake in a discussion on ‘Quiet Luxury’ held in the Forum. So, don’t forget to mark your attendance at the Forum on 10 November.

Casa Milano

The Final Showcase of the Talking Walls Competition
Booth A-8

For those waiting with bated breath, the time is finally here. Casa Milano’s Talking Walls Design Challenge will produce its final showcase at Downtown Design. Held in partnership with Love That Design and Intelier, the competition invited six teams from UAE’s interior design studios (namely Bishop Design, CK Architecture, Designsmith, ELE Interior Design, Kristina Zanic Consultants, LW Design) to choose one of six words – Cosy, Vibrant, Harmonious, Grounded, Timeless, or Bold – and create a bathroom design concept inspired by their chosen word for hotel, residential, or commercial interiors.


The Spanish Design Narrative
Booth A-9

Returning year after year to Downtown Design with brands like Porcelanosa, ACTIU and more, ICEX has always assumed the responsibility of bringing “Interiors from Spain” under a single umbrella. This year, iSiMAR (outdoor furniture), Naxani  (bathroom), and Legado Artesano Castilla-La Mancha, (a display of artisanal crafts by industrial designer Natalia Ortega) shall also grace the stall. 

Predominantly a corporate furniture brand, ACTIU will introduce their latest soft seating lines and fabrics along with their first Type A certified task chair, AS WORK at Downtown Design 2023. “These additions represent a significant expansion and diversification of our portfolio, tailored to meet the needs of the hospitality, third spaces, and contract sectors”, testified Diego Sanchez Serrano, Dubai Showroom Manager, ACTIU. The brand’s acoustic booth, QYOS will also share limelight. “Our phone booth has garnered remarkable success in the Middle East in just two months since its launch”, mentions Diego, excited about the reactions of passersby visiting the ICEX booth.

At the same time, Porcelanosa will showcase their latest collections that spotlight sustainability and fuse it with timeless designs. “Downtown Design is a leading annual event that brings together designers, architects, artists and industry professionals,” avers Nuño Arcusa, General Manager of Porcelanosa Middle East. Porcelanosa’s diverse product range will exemplify quality and the allure of natural patterns and colours at the event.


The Mark of Efficient Kitchens
Booth A-11

The Quooker tap is a phenomenon, not a product. It’s inventive, innovative and incidentally stylish. This year at Downtown Design 2023, Quooker will showcase 31 of its taps and flaunt two of its newest finishes. Three fully working taps will be used for Live Quooker Demonstrations, and visitors will be eligible for special promotions on direct purchases from the stand.


Balneum by Kristina Zanic Consultants
Booth A-14

Crafted by the renowned interior design firm Kristina Zanic Consultants, this exhibit showcased at Downtown Design deconstructs a time-honoured design, simplifying it down to its essential elements. The muse for the marvel is the ancient Mediterranean bathhouse, Balneum, derived from the Latin word for bath. Using the carbon-neutral Dekton® Pietra Kode is expected to imbue understated luxury at the booth. In addition, a cohesive, calming colour palette with soothing landscape features will paint a picture of tranquillity and trance.

Atlas Concorde

Material Fete
Booth A-15

Atlas Concorde is a prominent global brand in the production of ceramic surfaces for various applications, including floors, walls, furnishings, worktops, and outdoor spaces. They have a strong focus on design and architecture, offering a wide range of styles to cater to diverse demands in private and public spaces, commercial properties, hospitality venues, and both indoor and outdoor areas.

At the Downtown Design, passersby can explore joint projects with a range of accomplished professionals. This includes Mario Ferrarini, a renowned designer with expertise in bathroom furnishings, Matteo Brioni, an architect and entrepreneur with a deep understanding of natural materials and finish trends, and Piero Lissoni, an architect and designer celebrated for his distinctive minimalistic style and elegant creations.

Jaipur Rugs

Handcrafted and In Harmony
Booths A-19 & A-20

Jaipur Rugs is set to offer an eye-pleasing experience at Downtown Design 2023. A stunning collection of hand-knotted, tufted rugs, and dhurries, will honour the traditional skills and artistry of Jaipur’s artisans. Their exhibit will also seamlessly blend the rich heritage of Jaipur with modern design elements, offering a fusion of tradition and contemporary aesthetics.

“The Jaipur Rugs exhibit at Downtown Design 2023 is set to be a visual feast for  design enthusiasts and art lovers”, expresses Yogesh Chaudhary, Director, Jaipur Rugs. “We invite everyone to visit our stand to explore the incredible range of handcrafted rugs that embody the spirit of Jaipur. We are excited to share our passion for design, culture, and craftsmanship with the world.”


What If We Fly
Booth B-3

Coming together with one of their UAE partners, Mobili Emirates Furniture, Interstuhl is set to exhibit their ‘on-the-go’ solution for flexible workspaces. Team building and office dynamics today demand furniture that is transformative and adaptable. What If We Fly from Interstuhl is just that and more. With products such as stools that can be joined to form makeshift step seating, to white boards that can be fragmented and fused, depending on the requirement, the range is intuitive and ingenious.

NGC Nafees

An Immersive Underwater Experience by NGC Nafees and Brand Creative
Booth B-5

Bringing forth an sensorially-tuned installation that resembles an ethereal underwater world, NGC Nafees and Brand Creative come together this year at Downtown Design to represent the former in renewed light. This venture, building upon their ongoing impactful rebranding efforts, harmoniously solidifies their collective strengths.

Under the visionary guidance of Brand Creative, the initial living room concept has transmogrified into the vibrant hues and luxurious textiles of an aquatic dreamscape. Inspiration bubbled from conversations about the fluidity and drapery of fabric, reminiscent of the gentle flow of water. “It must be an underwater multi-sensory experience,” pondered James Prathap, General Manager at NGC Nafees. Through the integration of sound and light projections, the space springs to life with vivid bursts of colour intermingling with soft, soothing tones, evoking a sense of perpetual motion and dynamism.

In addition, the brand will also host a Flip & Win contest at their booth where the participants stand a chance to pocket luxury room makeovers. Other prizes include free (wallpaper/upholstery) installations, discount vouchers and designer hand fans for each guest visiting the booth.


Water’s Versatility by Nada Debbs
Booth B-16

KOHLER has conceived the design of their booth in collaboration with Nada Debs, who in turn has coalesced her Japanese upbringing and Arab heritage. In both regions, screens carry profound cultural significance. They represent modesty, without shunning external influences.  The presence of natural wood in the design offsets a veritable message from KOHLER, signifying 150 years of their existence and presenting new product ranges that resonate with contemporary lifestyles. The wooden louvre screen is intentionally crafted to evoke a sense of spirituality as visitors navigate the booth, fostering feelings of serenity and poise. Scents and sounds will play a role in formulating a truly immersive encounter at KOHLER’s booth.


A New Identity
Booth C-16

Three exquisite MillerKnoll Lightboxes will be unveiled at the Jalapeno stand. Each of them will serve as an eloquent narrator, informing visitors of MillerKnoll’s rich heritage, artistry and unwavering commitment to sustainability. These will also showcase MillerKnoll products, each one deserving of its own luminous spotlight.

The Bowery Company

Clean lines and Scandinavian Simplicity
Booth C-33

Christiane Nasr, the founder of The Bowery Company, identified a notable absence of stores or brands in the U.A.E. that could capture the urban vibrancy of New York City or the sleek minimalism of Scandinavian furniture. This multi-brand retail venture brings design trends that emphasize expressive interior elements while also cultivating a sense of comfort and nostalgia in the Middle East. At Downtown Design 2023, the Bowery will flaunt their repertoire of Danish furniture brands such as 101 Copenhagen, Audo Copenhagen and Ferm Living. Norrii and Fest Amsterdam will also imbibe the spirit of austere aesthetics at the stand.

Huda Lighting

A Fluffy Fantasy realised by 4SPACE
Booth D-2

Huda Lighting has carved its name in the UAE as one of the most revered suppliers in the region. But behind their success is the company’s ethos to go above and beyond. Huda Lighting assists designers to correctly understand requirements. Concepts can be guidelines to a project, and the team at Huda Lighting works collaboratively with their partners from start to the end. Boasting brands like Lodes, Masiero, Bomma, Italamp, Panzeri, Penta and Slamp in their exhaustive panoply is testament to their well-rounded approach to illumination. At Downtown Design, guests will be privy to the brand’s fervour and mesmerising stand.

Pantone Colour of The Year 2024- Peach Fuzz

The desire to reflect the natural world outdoors in our Interiors, will carry on into 2024.

As has become tradition, the Pantone color of the year has been finally revealed – Peach Fuzz.

“Decorating with earthy, muted and naturally inspired colours will continue to have a strong influence on Designer’s choices “ says Elizabeth Ockford ,Product Development Consultant at NGC Nafees.

 “As we made our choice for [2024] we were reminded that a vital part of living a full life is having the good health, stamina, and strength to enjoy it. That in a world which often emphasizes productivity and external achievements, it’s critical that we also recognize the importance of fostering our inner cells and find moments of respite, creativity, and human connection,” Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute explained over a Zoom meeting in late November. 


The evolution of Scandi Inspired design has moved from cool and minimalist to cosy and comforting and informs this array of warm neutrals and colours in 2024.

“Greys are finally being swapped for earthy beiges, contemporary off whites and taupes that sit so well with Peach Fuzz. It is a welcome return to more optimistic hues of colour “.

As such, it is no surprise that soft textures are appearing more and more in our interiors – such as velvets, suedes , boucles, and chenille.

This apricot-like orange colour evokes the popular 70’s inspired design trend, and is just asking to be paired with teak wood. Again, a warmer tone than the white washed woods of the last 10 years.

In its stronger tones, it is a warm and social colour, with the ability to stimulate and energise us, as well as being warm and comforting. It can be used as a dash of warmth, an inspiring dart of fresh colour within a calm interior, and contrast well with bold plants in the home.

We are looking for warmth, reassurance and cosseting in our Interiors- as a reaction to the turbulent world around us at the moment.

‘To me, it feels like a call for more human connection, compassion and empathy.

Throughout 2024 expect to see more warm colours and peach tones appearing all around us – in fashion and film as well as Interiors.”

Setting the Stage for Success: Dubai MEA Conference 2023 at Lapita Resort Hosted by Hospitality Network


Dubai MEA Conference 2023, hosted at the luxurious Lapita Resort by HospitalityNetwork, unfolded as a tale of triumph for our team. Beyond the spectacular venue, the event marked significant milestones, including a momentous meeting with a


special client and a creative collaboration with Stellar Concepts Design. The seamless integration of our cutting-edge digital wallcovering into key elements like the entrance arch, Photobooth background, and a distinctive logo backwall became the focal point of this unforgettable experience, captured in detail on our event.

Meeting Our Special Client:

The conference not only served as a platform for industry insights but also facilitated a profound connection with our special client. The discussions held during the event deepened our understanding, solidifying our partnership and laying the groundwork for future ventures that extend beyond the conference setting.


Collaboration with Stellar Concepts Design:

Our collaboration with Stellar Concepts Design added a layer of sophistication and creativity to the event’s ambiance. The strategic use of our digital wallcovering in conjunction with their visionary design expertise created an immersive experience that left a lasting impact on attendees.


Entrance Arch: A Grand Prelude


The entrance arch, draped in our bespoke digital wallcovering, became the gateway to a world of innovation and elegance. Attendees were greeted with a visual spectacle that not only showcased our commitment to excellence but also set the stage for the remarkable experiences that awaited them inside.

Photobooth Background: Capturing Memories in Style

  • The Photobooth background, featuring our digital wallcovering, offered a visually stunning backdrop for attendees to capture and share their conference experiences. This interactive element added a touch of elegance to the event’s social aspect

“NGC Nafees Makes Waves at Downtown Design: A Dive into the Underwater World”

NGC Nafees recently made a splash with its four-day participation at the Downtown Design event, with a captivating underwater world themed stand designed by BRAND CREATIVE. The event generated much excitement and interest, with a range of engaging activities, including a Flip and Win contest that left attendees thrilled. 

Let’s dive into the details of this unforgettable experience!

The Underwater Wonderland:

Brand Creative’s vision came to life as NGC Nafees transformed its exhibition space into a mesmerizing underwater wonderland. The design was inspired by NGC’s wallcoverings collections. Its stunning visuals were an instant hit with everyone and drew visitors to the fair onto the stand to explore the display.

Flip and Win Contest:

One of the event’s highlights was the interactive Flip and Win contest, adding an element of fun and anticipation. Attendees eagerly participated, and the lucky winners were rewarded with exciting prizes. Among the highlights were three participants who struck gold, winning a luxurious room makeover that undoubtedly left them delighted.

Highlighting the Collections:

NGC Nafees strategically showcased its wallcoverings collections with a curated selection of renowned brands. The Dolce and Gabbana wallcoverings stole the show, creating a striking wave effect that became a focal point of the stand. The seamless integration of Missoni Home for the arc design added a burst of color reminiscent of life beneath the sea, while Armani Casa brought a touch of elegance with fish-skin-inspired wallcoverings featuring a moire effect.

Flooring that Makes Waves:

The stand’s flooring was equally breathtaking. Two hand tufted carpets were specifically designed for the space. The large circular designs featured both colours and textures that conveyed water and corals. Looking beautiful, they showed off the skills and design capabilities of the NGC carpet division.

This imaginative use of flooring not only complemented the overall theme but also served as a stunning backdrop for the displayed products.

Luxurious Seating with Spradling Coated Fabrics:

To complete the immersive experience, NGC Nafees incorporated Spradling coated fabrics into the design, creating luxurious and comfortable seating arrangements. The fabrics not only enhanced the visual appeal but also showcased the brand’s commitment to quality and sophistication

Special Client Interactions:

The success of NGC Nafees at Downtown Design was further elevated by the presence of special clients who visited the stand. The strategic use of various wallcoverings, carpets and striking displays  all allowed the brand to showcase its versatility and ability to cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

NGC Nafees’ participation at Downtown Design was nothing short of a triumph, seamlessly blending creativity, innovation, and product excellence. 

The underwater world theme, inspired by the brand’s own collections and accentuated by the likes of Dolce and Gabbana, Missoni Home, and Armani Casa, showcased the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries in design. As NGC Nafees continues to make waves in the industry, this event serves as a testament to its dedication to creating immersive and unforgettable experiences for its audience.apibus leo.