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    All of our existing wallcovering patterns and murals are available for customization; this extensive library holds thousands of designs to choose from.
    We can also work with you to create an image from an idea or sample artwork you supply. Our expert print technicians and studio designers have the skills to create and print exactly what you are looking for, with our capabilities, the sky is the limit!

    Step 1

    Submit your ideas or files along with your wall dimensions. Or, if you’d rather not go it alone, we can pair you with one of our designers to make a custom design dream team.

    Step 2

    Our talented in-house design team will take a look at your files or ideas and make sure we have everything we need to get started.

    Step 3

    You’ll get a digital sample of your design to approve and fall in love with, or make changes to.

    Step 4

    Once you approve your design, we ship you a physical sample for approval. (We hope you think it’s perfect, but if not we got you. Let’s fix it!)

    Step 5

    After your sample has been approved, the design portion is all done and your custom design is ready to go. Place your final order and we'll take it from there!

    Step 6

    Enjoy your new wallpaper! Love it! Stare at it! Invite your friends over to stare at it! Instagram it! (Just make sure to tag @ngc_nafees #ngcnafees.)


    Design Assistance

    We can pair you up with one of our designers to create a custom wallpaper from your imagery! Additional design fees apply.

    Image Resolution

    Our team needs an original file that has sufficient resolution. Images between 150-300 dpi, actual wall size, If your file is larger than 10MB, let us know.


    Double-check that you have copyright permissions to use any images submitted.

    Lead Time

    Custom design and print times vary depending on the project, but typically turnaround times are between 1-3 weeks.


    We highly recommend ordering a sample before placing your order as there are no returns on custom projects.


      Fill out the form below and someone from our team will get back to you shortly!

      Image Upload


      Send your artwork or inspiration here! File type accepted: PDF, JPG, TIFF, EPS, AI, PSD


      Be as detailed as possible - the more info we have, the better your design will be. Help us help you! Where are you planning to use this product? Do you want a designer to edit or create an image? What is the overall effect you’d like to create?


      I am either A) the copyright owner to any images that
      I intend to provide for this project or have obtained written permission from
      the copyright owner, or B) intend to supply images as inspiration only without the intention
      of printing or reproducing them. I have read NGC Nafees Terms & Conditions.

      Create Your Own Wallpaper

      You’re unique, so why shouldn’t your home be too? Whether you are an artist, graphic designer, interior decorator, creative, or simply have a vision that is singularly yours—we can help you make it happen. From concept to design, to proofing and print-on-demand, we’re here to see the vision you have for your home come true.

      Searching for the perfect wallpaper for your home no longer needs to take hours, days, or weeks of your time. Create your own wallpaper and set your living space apart.

      To begin, simply submit to us your ideas and inspiration Together with our designed, we will bring your vision to life. The expiring aspect of printing your own wallpaper means you can create a wallpaper that is customized you and your surroundings. A change on the walls can create a totally fresh look without having to make any major furniture alterations

      When you create your own wallpaper, our in-house team will walk you through every step of the process. Starting with your inspiration, images, files, or ideas our designers will create digital samples for you to approve or make any changes. Once the design is approved, before we create your one of a kind wallpaper, we’ll send you physical samples. You’ll be able to see and touch your wallpaper and compare it with anything in your home. Once the physical sample is approved, we move toward the final order where we print your wallcovering and send it to you.

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