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    From a selection of international design houses NGC Nafees hand picks collections to be taken in stock after careful analysis of both international and domestic trends, generally used in the home, whether it’s for a small living, a large bedroom or a hallway.


    Style that goes beyond trends, where elegance is always elegant combination of classic art and modernity. Designer wall covering collection pieces give life to unique settings with a rare and sophisticated atmosphere. Bringing the glamour and sophistication of luxury fashion design, to the world of interiors, with these beautiful, deeply textured Italian wallcoverings. Richly patterned and many featuring their trademark logos, these are the wallcoverings with which you create your own luxury fantasy.


    A baby’s room should be bright and stimulating. Research has repeatedly shown that babies brains are stimulated by patterns ang color.Wallpapering a child’s bedroom can be an enjoyable collaborative project that can bring parents and their kids together. Take advantage of this chance and workwith your child in choosing a style that both of you love.


    Commercial wallcovering are highly decorative, and appropriate for use in any contract area where a dramatic look is desired and Eco-friendly wallpaper solutions for corporate healthcare, hospitality and retail are available.


    wall-to-wall carpets oer many practical benets, such as superior comfort, attractive acoustic and thermal qualities as well as greater safety compared to hard surface alternatives. Walking barefoot on carpet gives one a feeling no other ooring material can. It is soft and relaxing on the skin, although there is more to it than its texture.


    Carpet tiles are durable and designed to withstand heavy traffic, wear and tear, spills, and even the weather! The timeless design and wide color range make it a perfect collection to create your own workspace, fully tailored to your personal style.


    Designers, architects and interior space planning professionals around the world rely on Spradling® contract products to help bring their concepts and sophisticated designs to reality. We have supplied this industry sector with proven OEM colour matches and textures since 1964.

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