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Setting the Stage for Success: Dubai MEA Conference 2023 at Lapita Resort Hosted by Hospitality Network

Setting the Stage for Success: Dubai MEA Conference 2023 at Lapita Resort Hosted by Hospitality Network

21st November 2023


Dubai MEA Conference 2023, hosted at the luxurious Lapita Resort by HospitalityNetwork, unfolded as a tale of triumph for our team. Beyond the spectacular venue, the event marked significant milestones, including a momentous meeting with a


special client and a creative collaboration with Stellar Concepts Design. The seamless integration of our cutting-edge digital wallcovering into key elements like the entrance arch, Photobooth background, and a distinctive logo backwall became the focal point of this unforgettable experience, captured in detail on our event.

Meeting Our Special Client:

The conference not only served as a platform for industry insights but also facilitated a profound connection with our special client. The discussions held during the event deepened our understanding, solidifying our partnership and laying the groundwork for future ventures that extend beyond the conference setting.


Collaboration with Stellar Concepts Design:

Our collaboration with Stellar Concepts Design added a layer of sophistication and creativity to the event’s ambiance. The strategic use of our digital wallcovering in conjunction with their visionary design expertise created an immersive experience that left a lasting impact on attendees.


Entrance Arch: A Grand Prelude


The entrance arch, draped in our bespoke digital wallcovering, became the gateway to a world of innovation and elegance. Attendees were greeted with a visual spectacle that not only showcased our commitment to excellence but also set the stage for the remarkable experiences that awaited them inside.

Photobooth Background: Capturing Memories in Style

  • The Photobooth background, featuring our digital wallcovering, offered a visually stunning backdrop for attendees to capture and share their conference experiences. This interactive element added a touch of elegance to the event’s social aspect

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