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Water is a source of Life

Water is a source of Life

22nd May 2024

The textile Industry is joining with the World in the fight to preserve marine life and biodiversity.

This month we have seen Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, enjoy a deep dive into the emirate’s waters, along with fund manager Ray Dalio.

It was at the inauguration of Dubai Reef; a conservation project being hailed as the biggest in the world.This major marine scheme will set out to cut carbon emissions and increase marine biodiversity by increasing sea life eight-fold, growing more coral, and attracting ecotourism as well as assisting with the sustainability of local fishermen livelihoods.

Environmental concerns have been in the minds of textile and wallcovering manufacturers for many years now- and there are many grants that they can use to transform their previous polluting factories into environmentally friendly ones.

Here at NGC we are proud to also be supporting the environment by working with mills that prioritize being kinder to our environment.

Janelli Volpi wallcoverings

 Waste Water recycling is a high priority at one of our top suppliers of wallcoverings, Janelli Volpi – as it is in all wallpaper manufacturing plants in Europe.

 All waste water from production departments is sent for purification in an inhouse treatment plant at the Janelli factory.

This plant allows chemical, physical and biological purification of the effluent to produce water that could be reconditioned for domestic use.

This treatment system is the result of a “green” project that has been active since 2008 and is continuously updated.

In designing the new plant, a second environmental initiative was implemented: the process water (cooling) circuits were re-designed to make them reusable and drastically reduce consumption from the water network.

“JV has obtained environmental certificates and awards for its products and production processes. We also pay special attention to the principle of the sustainability chain by only working with suppliers who share our concern for the environment. Like many other virtuous partners, JV has integrated the ethical aspect into supply chain assessment. We want to be virtual, in a virtuous international network!”


Our supplier of luxury upholstery fabrics has been weaving since the 1970’s in Terrassa, near Barcelona. At every phase of their production process, from design to weaving, knitting, finishing, cutting, quality control and sample making, offcuts, yarn leftovers and

fabric scraps are created. They have installed a system that recycles these leftovers back into yarn for weaving.

“At Crevin we believe that good design should be in harmony with the environment. That is why recycling is at the heart of our creative process. We convert 100% of our textile waste into yarn that we use together with recycled cotton and pet bottles to construct the back-weaves of our fabrics. Today, all Crevin designs feature up to 50% recycled content.”

ROLS Carpet

Rols carpets are not only beautifully designed and perfectly functioning- they are also created by a company based in rural Spain, that is wholeheartedly committed to protecting the environment. 


“We aim to be completely carbon-neutral by 2028 and continue implementing more efficient and clean technologies in our manufacturing process through continuous improvement.

 With clear and sunny days, Crevillent is an optimal area to harness renewable solar energy. Since early 2019, our factory has been operating on photovoltaic energy, using solar panels installed on the roofs of our facilities, which currently generate and supply a significant portion of our machinery’s energy needs. In 2023, we have reinvested in expanding our photovoltaic capacity with the goal of becoming fully self-sufficient in the coming years.”


At Rols they are working towards an entirely circular design and production system. That means that not only do they recycle yarns from production and make rugs from them – they also recycle old and no longer used rugs and put that product back into their manufacturing.


We offer a very wide variety of fabrics, wallcoverings and Carpets at NGC, and all of our suppliers work towards improving their environmental credentials. Just like Dubai with its care for the oceans and the biodiversity in them – we believe we all have a part to play in the preservation of our beautiful planet.

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