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    The Top 8 Carpet Trends to Expect in 2020

    The Top 8 Carpet Trends to Expect in 2020

    16th January 2020

    The new year is always an excellent time to brush up on your knowledge of interior design. Whether you’re providing expert interior services or just doing it for fun, making over homes with what’s trendy and refreshing for that particular time period is a craft that should always begin from the bottom.

    To be more specific, you should first consider how the floor would look before everything else.

    Interior design trends have taken two paths in the past years. It can be minimalistic, pared-down, and set with futuristic elements, or a revival of trends from years past with fresh new twists. In 2020, we expect it to lean more toward the latter.

    In the previous years, flooring trends were focused mostly on hardwood, which is why nobody expected that that wall-to-wall carpet could ever return as a flooring favorite. But it did. And it looks like it’s here to stay.

    Whether you’re designing a cozy residence or a spacious commercial establishment, carpeting is definitely a good option to consider. When doing so, you should keep these top eight carpet trends in mind to make sure that your interior design is up to date.

    Trend #1: Back to Nature

    More natural carpet options are expected to endure as awareness of material sustainability rises (more on this later). This means that more homeowners will become conscious about what their carpet is made of and are more likely to choose natural fibers like wool, jute, and sisal. When combined with warm, earthy tones, these materials help create a homely and restful space.

    Trend #2: Sustainability and Eco-Consciousness

    As awareness of changes in the environment continues to spread, more and more homeowners are seeking sustainable and eco-friendly options for their homes. This is also true for carpets.

    Although synthetic fibers are more affordable, people are still more likely to make the ethical choice and pick natural materials for their carpets. As an extension of the first carpet trend, sustainable and eco-focused fabric choices will become more prevalent.

    Aside from sheep wool, other eco-friendly carpet materials will prevail. Indirectly affected by climate change, this trend will continue because more and more carpet manufacturers make the most out of monsoon-grown grasses by turning them into lovely carpets.

    Some sustainable materials you can expect to dominate the carpet market are:

    • Sisal
    • Jute
    • Coir

    Trend #3: Hotel-Level Comfort

    Aside from environment-friendly options, more homeowners will put comfort and well-being in their list of priorities for carpeting this 2020. This means that velvety piles and luxurious loops will become the more popular choice in wall-to-wall carpeting.

    Aside from creating a more sumptuous and relaxing environment, carpets that offer hotel-level comfort can also be combined with the back-to-nature and eco-conscious trends to bring your interior design to new heights. And this eco-chic trend is expected to last beyond 2020.

    Trend #4: Broadlooms

    When it comes to fabrics for interior design, broadlooms are mostly underrated, especially in carpets.

    Typically made from wool or wool blends, these carpet fabric options are expected to become more popular for families since they are comfortable and can withstand just about anything. This is because of the wool’s natural stain-repelling characteristics.

    Plus, broadlooms also come in a wide array of patterns and colors, so they can also match whatever interior design style you pick.

    Trend #5: Layering Tones

    Before 2020, the wall-to-wall carpet was at risk of looking outdated. However, the dawn of a new era has arrived, and designers have found that layering rugs on carpets add warmth and interest to the room. By committing to a tone-on-tone color scheme, you can ensure that layers of rugs on carpets will remain in harmony. Since it won’t overwhelm the room, layering tones will allow the other furnishings to stand out.

    Trend #6: Rug Art

    Another trend that is expected to dominate 2020 is rug art. Interior design forecasters see bold colors and patterns in the future of carpet and rug use. According to them, more interiors will sport bold carpets and rugs that serve both as art and accentuation to the space. After all, who says you can’t put art on the floor?

    Trend #7: Hand-Crafted Designs

    Another trend in interior design that is expected to dominate is longevity. And nothing exhibits long-lasting durability better than hand-crafted carpets.

    More and more homeowners wish for their homes to be filled with items that can last several generations. For this reason, customized hand-crafted rugs are becoming more popular since they are made by highly skilled artisans and can be passed down as heirlooms to the next generation.

    Trend #8: Modernly Traditional

    Finally, following the trend of hand-me-down carpets is the emergence of modern yet traditional interiors.

    In this trend, old rugs become new again since more people tend to structure their interior design around traditional carpet designs used in a more modern setting. Since it is aligned with the grand millennial style, the transformation of traditional motifs into more colorful floor accents serves as an indicator that a new age has come.

    Trendy Carpeting This 2020

    With trends in interior design coming and going, one thing is permanent: carpets. Whether made from synthetic or natural fibers, wall-to-wall carpeting has proven time and again that it simply won’t disappear from interior design, no matter what era it is.

    Find the perfect carpets for your home in one of our showrooms. NGC Nafees offers a wide range of durable and stylish carpets perfect for home or commercial interior design.

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