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    Versace IV is released and its…

    Versace IV is released and its…

    2nd November 2019

    VERSACE stands for the incomparably elegant fusion of classical art and modernity. This aesthetic principle is also embodied in the new VERSACE IV wallpaper collection, the six themes of the collection representing an emblematic interpretation of the DNA of this unique brand.

    The Themes of the Collection

    La Scala del Palazzo
    Inspired by the magnificent marble staircase of the Versace Palace, this range is captivating with its exquisite combination of architectural decorative elements and a sophisticated palette of colours.

    Barocco Metallics
    Iconic motifs with baroque floral trails and acanthus leaves in iridescent tones and contemporary mirror effects: pure elegance and unmistakably Versace.

    These luxurious, playfully light-hearted wall decorations get their special charm from subtle floral decorative elements and a discreet colour scheme.

    Le Coupe des Dieux, acanthus leaves, floral trails and animal motifs: this striking range makes use of an idiosyncratic decoupage technique to bring together a “best of Versace iconography”.

    Barocco Birds
    Exoticism meets opulent colourfulness: the all-over prints in this range combine tropical birds of paradise with the golden baroque details so characteristic of Versace.

    The subtle meandering vines and wood décors of this range are borrowed from the geometric herringbone pattern of the parquet flooring of Villa Versace – and give the opulent collection a modern and timeless aspect.

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