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    Top Tips for Re-designing Your Bedroom

    Top Tips for Re-designing Your Bedroom

    2nd February 2022

    From the carpet to the ceiling, a bedroom should be a peaceful sanctuary for sleep, especially as it’s estimated we spend a third of our life in bed… but where do you begin?

    Whether you’re trying to create a modern, contemporary look or inspired by soft, pastel tones, our styling tips will help you create the bedroom of your dreams, literally.




    1. Make a Mood Board It’s exciting to discover what inspires you and making a mood board is one of the best ways to do just that. If you’re not sure where to start, head to our Pinterest page and browse some of our existing boards. If you see something you love, make sure to pin it and come back to it later.

    2. Declutter First (always)

    Whilst it’s tempting to jump straight into a redesign, it’s wise to de-clutter your space first. Consider what you need and don’t need. Perhaps take a bag of clothes to the charity shop and try upcycling old furniture before heading out and buying all-new-everything. Decluttering is an excellent way to find out what you own and can help you seriously maximise your space once you start re-decorating.

    3. Choose Your Theme

    Are you looking for a subtle, moody look using rich luxurious shades or a bright, summery feel with pops of colour? Whatever your taste it’s much easier to look at design options after choosing a theme. For a seriously on-trend look we’d consider Pantone’s colour of the year, Living Coral, as the main highlight colour. The vast majority of our carpets are a neutral tone, making it exceptionally easy to pair them with any colour.


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