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    The Top 6 Wallpaper Designs and Ideas for Apartments

    The Top 6 Wallpaper Designs and Ideas for Apartments

    26th February 2021

    Whether you just moved in or have been residing in an apartment for a while, you’re bound to want something fresh and more your style.

    Assuming you’re only renting the place, you need to think carefully about decorating it and consult your landlord about the extent of changes you can make. Once you get their thumbs up, the next item on your itinerary is the “how.”

    You can make the biggest impact by changing up the walls. And you can do exactly that with wallpaper.

    While some property owners will allow you to use paint, these are usually limited only to textures and colors and may not capture your personality and intended interior design. 

    With wallpapers, you can choose from a wide array of patterns and styles that can be used to cover the entire walls to create a space that will reflect your character.

    To help you decide, we’ve compiled the top six home wallpaper designs and ideas you can use to spruce up your apartment.

    3 Best Wallpaper Designs for Apartments

    As with any space, there are certain wallpaper designs that work best for apartments, some of which we’ve listed below:

    1. Striped and geometrical

    When people talk about timeless and universal wallpaper designs, only a few patterns come to mind, and that includes geometric and stripes.

    With geometric wallpaper, you can add a subtle style to the room with very little chance to overwhelm it. Different shapes and styles of geometric patterns achieve various effects, which means you’re bound to find something you’ll like among the many choices available.

    Meanwhile, striped wallpapers offer a certain level of uniqueness without going overboard. These also have an elongating effect on rooms.

    2. Floral

    If there’s one wallpaper design that never goes out of style, it’s floral prints. You just can’t avoid seeing some of these patterns when you shop around for contemporary wallpaper, so you might as well consider it for your apartment.

    From retro abstract versions and classic fleur-de-lis to more natural-looking forest-floor scenery, wallpapers allow you to adorn your walls with almost any kind of floral pattern you can think of.

    Besides their wide availability, floral patterns also never fail to add a homey and airy feel to any space.

    3. Wood

    One more wallpaper design you’ll want to consider for your apartment is a wood pattern.

    Almost every interior décor consists of wood because it perfectly fits into any design. It also lends a unique perspective to themes.

    Sure, it may not be the same as the actual thing, but it’s the second-best when it comes to giving the room a lighter and more welcoming vibe.

    3 Unique Ideas in Using Wallpaper

    Wallpapering all the walls can help create an apartment interior you’ll love. But did you know that there are other ways you can use this material to make your apartment more attractive?

    Here are three unique ideas we’ve come across and absolutely adore:

    4. Mural wallpaper

    Don’t settle for a wallpaper that will just be repeated across the room if you have the option of having a mural-like arrangement.

    A mural wallpaper is an excellent choice for rooms that lack personality and oomph. It is best used for feature walls and can act as a décor on its own. 

    Whether it’s hand-painted or bought from NGC Nafees, your apartment will surely look like a luxury space worthy of being featured in a magazine.

    5. Storage highlighter

    Although wallpaper contains the word “wall,” these can actually be used for more than just the walls.

    Have a boring shelf or cabinet that blends right in with everything? Use a uniquely patterned wallpaper as an inset to make it more eye-catching.

    Doing so will transform your average storage furniture into a work of art. As a bonus, this will also make finding things you need much easier, especially if you use contrasting colors and patterns.

    You can also use the same technique for your doors and medicine cabinet.

    6. Wallpaper art

    Since wallpapers come in many designs, you can also use them as artwork to hang on your walls. Not the way you would an average wallpaper, of course.

    You can do this by framing one portion of wallpaper or the entire roll in portions. You can also deconstruct wallpaper for the entire room and make it look framed by allowing the design to peep through equal-sized rectangles divided by moldings. Just remember that the pattern needs to make sense for the design to look cohesive. 

    Besides framing, you can also take several patterns and attach them to wooden dowels. Once you are content with how they look, “hang” them on your walls. You can make several of these and swap them out whenever you want to change up the interior.

    Personalize Your Apartment with Wallpaper

    When it comes to transforming an apartment into a one-of-a-kind space for yourself, very few elements can help you achieve the design and effects you want the same way wallpaper can. 

    Visit our showrooms at NGC Nafees to get an idea of how to personalize your space with wallpaper.

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