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    7 Best Tips and Tricks for Using Wallpaper in Small Spaces

    7 Best Tips and Tricks for Using Wallpaper in Small Spaces

    23rd January 2020

    There’s actually no hard and fast rule in decorating small spaces. While most would say that painting your shoebox of an apartment entirely in white can give that feeling of vastness, it does not change the fact that it is still lacking in space.

    So instead of curbing your creativity and just being stuck with stark white walls, why don’t you want to go and indulge yourself? Choosing wallpaper for small rooms can be fun as there is now a world of choices. Go crazy with color, experiment with mixing and matching patterns, and let your imagination run free with the wealth of wallpaper choices out there.

    Big Ideas for Small Spaces

    Whether you are decorating your office, sprucing up your commercial space, or doing a home makeover, wallpapers can make a huge difference.

    Aside from being more durable than paint, using wallpapers in enhancing the look and feel of your place also gives you more style flexibility. With a slew of choices available on the market, you can easily order wallpaper online and have it delivered and installed on the same day. It’s convenient and gives you more freedom for expressing yourself.

    Wallpapers nowadays come in a variety of colors, designs, and textures. From neutral wallpaper designs to more daring prints, it’s your choice on how to best create the ambiance that you want. Wallpapers can help you bring out a room’s unique personality or reflect the character of the room’s occupant.

    If you are not keen on just relegating yourself to boring blank walls, then choose wallpapers that will help you enjoy the space that you live or work in. Here are some of the top ten tips and tricks for using wallpaper in small spaces:

    1. Bold and Beautiful

    Wake up your walls with wallpaper that features a bold and beautiful print. You can use large patterns to dress up a wall and make that the highlight of the room. It can help delineate the space especially when you have an open-floor area. It will help create the illusion of having separate rooms, as well.

    On the other hand, you can also use block colors in different textures, like wallpaper with a velvety or silky touch. This can be a perfect background for that spellbinding painting or sculpture that you have.

    You can also choose bold patterns or prints for a clearly defined alcove. Complement it with neutral-colored paint and you can enjoy the feeling of being inside a framed work of art.

    2. Blue Wave

    Ride the wave this 2020 with the color of the year – classic blue. Invite the sea into your abode with this refreshing color.

    Whether you go vibrant blue or deep blue, just keep in mind that you also need to consider the scale and proportion of your space with the wallpaper pattern. If you want to create an illusion of height, you can choose a blue-and-white wallpaper with vertical stripes. If it’s the width that you prefer, a neutral background with wavy blue horizontal lines can help do the trick.

    3. Contemporary Cues

    If you’re not up for the sharp and edgy lines of modern design, then you can go for a more contemporary feel.

    Choose wallpaper that gives off a soft vibe with a tone-on-tone color palette. Whether you use it on one side of your study nook or wallpaper all four corners, you will still feel that warm and fuzzy feeling of being ensconced in a design that is fashionable yet cozy.

    4. Floral Fancy

    Whether you go for dainty rosebuds or go for giant flower heads, floral wallpapers can instantly lift the look of a small room.

    Paper your tiny wardrobe with these blooms or convert your small powder room into a garden with floral wallpaper. You can choose to cover all the walls or just choose one or two to provide contrast with a plain wall.

    5. Grand Entrance

    Wow your guests with fetching wallpaper design as soon as they step into your entryway. You can use wallpaper with an eye-catching pattern plastered all around your entrance area or choose a wall where you can use a bright wallpaper as an artistic mural.

    Whether you step right into the living space, have a staircase that leads to your studio, or a small panel to divide sections of your tiny home, you can rely on a tastefully chosen wallpaper to receive your guests with aplomb.

    6. High Expectations

    Who says wallpapers should only be used for walls?

    Create depth and character by using wallpaper for your ceiling. You can choose a playful pattern that can run across the whole ceiling. You can also just opt to confine it to one large panel if your overhead space has a more defined area. This provides a good contrast against a wooden floor or a color-blocked wall.

    7. Metallic Moments

    If you’re tired of dull-looking walls, you can also use wallpaper that has a metallic sheen. These shiny, shimmering color palettes will definitely add pizzazz to a small area. Whether it’s the bedroom, the kitchen or dining area, or the living room, modern textured finishes add another dimension and depth to an otherwise tight space.

    Just remember to consider the size of the print in relation to the size of the wall you’re sticking it to. This will ensure that there is harmony and symmetry that will create a homey space for you.

    Wall Wonders

    It is undeniable that wallpapers can be your go-to design solution for creating a livable and enjoyable space. Especially small quarters can be made more appealing when you can creatively express yourself through color, designs, and texture that allow you to infuse a bit (or a lot) of your personality into a space all your own.

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