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    6 Tips for Choosing the Right Rug for Any Room

    6 Tips for Choosing the Right Rug for Any Room

    10th March 2020

    The floor is one of the most significant parts of the house, and yet not many homeowners pay attention to what it looks like. If you already have a sturdy flooring system but wish to change it up a bit, area rugs are what you need.

    Rugs help set the tone for the entire space. Adding one into your interiors is a simple yet powerful way to update the floors and transform any room. It can add personality and warmth, and it can change up not only the look but also the feel of the space.

    But choosing a rug is not as simple as it seems. In fact, there are many things you must consider in order to pick the best one — from the room you’re decorating to the color and material of the rug.

    To help you out, below are six tips you can try when picking out a rug for any room:

    1. Define the Room’s Purpose

    Since rugs will be on your floor for an extended period, you have to determine the purpose of the room you’ll be placing it in before you pick one.

    For one, the amount of traffic will determine how much of a beating it will get. This will then dictate the material of the rug that is most suited for the room. That said, a high-traffic area requires something more durable like wool, polypropylene, and nylon.

    If it will act as the focal point for the room, you can go with a more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing option. This will ensure that it serves its purpose.

    2. Get the Room’s Dimensions

    The size of the rug will largely depend on the dimensions of the room it will be placed in. This means that in order to pick the perfect one, you’ll have to measure the room first.

    After getting the measurements, you should decide whether the rug would be on display or act as the dominant feature of the area. This will help you select a pattern, texture, and color later.
    The size of a rug is also crucial in its proportionality with the available space. Getting just the right size will help you prevent it from looking awkward and out of place.

    To ensure that your rug is proportionate to the room, it is a good idea to place it about one to two feet away from the nearest wall. Another tip is to keep it within the same size as the seating area.

    3. Consider the Shape

    One more thing you must think about when choosing a rug is its shape. Remember that there are more options you can choose from beyond the traditional rectangular mat you’re used to. In fact, rugs with different shapes may suit a specific space better.

    Different shapes of rugs serve various purposes. For example, a semi-circle rug is perfect to be used as a doormat when placed along the entryway. Large circular ones can also add a certain amount of grandeur to your living room.

    Other types of rounded rugs offer an excellent contrast to a generally square room. They help soften the interior design. They can also complement circular pieces of furniture, like a round dining table or semi-circular sofa.

    4. Think About the Furniture

    Another thing that affects how rugs look in a room is the furniture that goes with it.
    To add interest to the interior design, you can place the rug at an angle. This will help anchor the room without overpowering or underwhelming the overall design.

    If you want it to go in front of your couch, you should measure the furniture’s width first. Then, pick a rug that has the same length or is slightly longer as the piece.

    When putting a rug under the coffee table, you have to make sure that the textile extends beyond the furniture piece. It should at least reach the first legs of the surrounding chairs. This is where bigger rugs can come in handy.

    5. Prioritize Comfort and Luxury for Bedroom Rugs

    Picking a rug for a bedroom gives you more freedom in style since you don’t have to worry about too much foot traffic. In this case, you can focus on luxury and comfort and splurge on a fluffy wool rug.

    6. Pick a Rug Now, Accessorize Later

    Some homeowners make the mistake of buying accessories and decorations before the rug. If this is what you did, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a hard time finding the perfect area rug for your room.

    You see, these fabric pieces should be one of the first items on your shopping list since they bring all the elements together and anchor the entire interior design. If you already have accessories with many different styles, then finding one rug that unifies them all is close to impossible.

    A Rug for Every Room

    Rugs are quite useful when it comes to changing up a room’s overall look and feel. Let this article guide you in your quest to find the perfect rug for any room in the house.

    Visit our showrooms at NGC Nafees. We offer plenty of carpet and rug options for your every need.

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