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    How to Turn Your Property Into the Perfect Holiday Home Rental

    How to Turn Your Property Into the Perfect Holiday Home Rental

    23rd June 2020

    There’s a growing number of people who find that the holidays are the perfect time of the year for a getaway. The whole family gets a break from work or school, and typically, there’s more financial flexibility during this time, as well. For this reason, the holiday months are considered the peak season for the hotel and accommodation industry. All the dates are fully booked months before the actual holiday dates.

    Therefore, if you are among the many enterprising property owners who are looking to turn this trend into an income-generator by offering your home as a rental property for holiday-goers, you had better start whipping it into shape.

    And as the top suppliers of first-class fabrics for upholstery, rugs, and carpets, and commercial and residential wallpaper in the UAE, we have some of the best tips to help you with this task.

    1. Establish a festive color scheme

    This is an important tip to consider because a lot of people dedicate time for widely celebrated holidays and go overseas or take out-of-town getaways. When people spend their holidays away from their homes, they still want to experience the holiday spirit in their destination. So, it’s just right to deck out your rental property in keeping with festivities.

    The first thing to do is to establish a color scheme. Ideally, it should match the festive spirit of the season. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stick to traditional colors.

    For example, you don’t have to limit your color options for Christmas to red, green, white, silver, and gold. Shake things up a bit by opting for orange and turquoise. You can still make these colors look season-appropriate if you combine them with traditional components such as trimmings and ornaments.

    2. Tackle repairs

    If the property has a few issues, make sure to address these before any guests arrive. Holiday-goers expect everything to be perfect (or nearly so), so don’t give them any reason to think otherwise.

    Make sure that all the plumbing fixtures are working. Likewise, take care of holes in the walls and other flaws. Check all the lighting implements and see if these are lighting up as they should. Do the same for all the appliances and furniture.

    If some furniture items are worn and torn, have these reupholstered with high-end or sturdy fabric that not only goes with the new color scheme of the house but also feels luxurious and will last longer.

    3. Freshen up the walls

    A holiday rental property should always have fresh-looking walls. After repairing cracks and holes, clean them up and apply a fresh coat of paint or residential wallpaper to conceal the recent work done completely.

    Wallpaper is better for giving walls a unique look because it can bring so much richness to the room. Additionally, wallpaper can be used to make over a few decorative and functional elements in the house, such as the interior of cabinets, lampshades, lighting switch plates, and others.

    4. Learn the art of making a bed

    You know that your guests may just want to relax throughout their stay. Therefore, learn how to make the beds as comfy and cozy as possible.

    The first thing to do is to refresh the beds and pillows. Clean these with a wet and dry vacuum to sanitize the mattresses thoroughly and wash the pillows. Let them dry out in the sun and afterward, cover them with sheets and pillowcases.

    But don’t stop there. Add extra layers and texture. A few more pillows and soft blankets under a comforter will make an enormous difference to your guests’ comfort. And for style, add colorful throws.

    5. Stage a scene

    Use a bit of movie magic to make your home more welcoming to guests. Set the atmosphere with props and music. Plus, set up scenes.

    For example, lay out an unfinished board game in the family den, set the table with plates, drinking glasses, and flowers, or place a straw hat and a scarf on the hallway rack.

    Doing this is a fantastic way to provide your guests with extra possibilities for their stay. However, when you stage, do this judiciously because you want the scene to look intentional yet natural, and not cluttered.

    6. Clean the air

    It’s not enough to just clean the space in preparation for guests; you must ensure it smells nice and clean, too. Air out the house if it’s smelling a little musty. And if cooking smells have stuck to curtains, upholstery, and carpets, there’s nothing like a thorough washing to get rid of them.

    Some people like to use aroma diffusers since a lot of hotels use them, too. You can do the same but opt for subtle scents because your guests may be quite sensitive to certain odors.

    7. Get rid of personal and religious items

    The idea here is you want your guests to think of the house as a place that’s completely theirs during their stay. Thus, hide your personal items around the house. As for expensive pieces in your home that you wouldn’t want to get damaged, better put those in storage, as well.

    If you are religious and have statues of patron saints and spiritual reading materials, these might make some guests uncomfortable, so it’s best to store them away. This way, you’ll also prevent the possibility of these getting accidentally broken or damaged.

    So there you go, some of our best tips and tricks in turning your home into a beautiful rental for holiday-goers. Of course, you can still do more, but these are enough to get your property into shape as a delightful getaway accommodation.

    If you need products to decorate your home and make it visually appealing to guests, explore our selection of residential products. NGC Nafees is a trusted supplier of high-end wallpaper, floor products, and fabrics that are sure to beautify your home.

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