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    8 Reasons to Choose Carpet as Your Commercial Space Flooring

    8 Reasons to Choose Carpet as Your Commercial Space Flooring

    25th March 2020

    There are plenty of different materials business establishments use for their flooring today, but none have the same timeless beauty and advantages as that of a carpet. When given more thought, the choice of wall-to-wall carpeting can help businesses improve specific areas of the building in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and cost-efficiency.

    Whether you’re using it for hallways, reception spaces, offices, boardrooms, and conference halls, you must first understand the perks you can expect when opting for carpet as your flooring. To do so, it is wise to look at the eight reasons why many business owners choose this type of flooring, as listed below:

    1. Enhance aesthetics

    This is probably one of the most obvious benefits any commercial space can get from carpet flooring.

    When people enter the reception area of a business establishment, the first thing they would notice is how it looks. The appearance of an office can be enhanced by several elements, including the décor and overall professionalism of the design. However, the floor probably has the most significant impact of all.

    When you have carpet floor covering, your commercial space is bound to make an excellent first impression with guests. After all, nothing says comfort, luxury, and professionalism better than a plush and clean carpet.

    One of the types of carpets you can choose from is broadloom. Considered the more luxurious option, broadloom is often used in residential units where its plush and soft characteristics stand out.

    2. Design flexibility

    Carpets also offer flexibility in design.

    With this flooring option, you can choose between tiles, sheets, and broadloom, depending on what’s most suited for the area you’re covering. Our showrooms alone hold dozens of designs that can match whatever interior design a commercial space may have.

    3. Reduce noise

    Most offices and commercial spaces not only get plenty of foot traffic in a day but also have a lot of noise going around. With plenty of people going in and out, places of business can be a bit noisy.

    From working office machinery to conversations and ringing phones, these sounds can clash together within the room and may cause disruption in office workflow. When this happens, an office can sometimes breed miscommunication and, ultimately, reduce worker productivity.

    Fortunately, carpets provide a way to remedy this.

    Out of all the flooring materials available today, carpets are the best choice for reducing noise inside a room. It can reduce the impact and reverberation of sounds, and effectively create a quieter environment. And with this comes more privacy, better social interaction, less stress, and improved speech cognition and intelligibility.

    4. Improve indoor air quality

    Carpets also help improve the quality of air indoors. Its pile surface helps prevent airborne dust that may contain irritants and allergens from spreading across the room. When a carpet is maintained properly and cleaned regularly, it also helps absorb contaminants that can harm your health and purify the air inside a room to avoid triggering asthma and other respiratory problems.

    In fact, a major German Allergy and Asthma Foundation (DAAB) study discovered that wall-to-wall carpeting could reduce the dust carried by air by half compared to hard flooring surfaces. This is beneficial for sensitive people with airway conditions, like asthma.

    5. Help prevent accidents

    Since most commercial spaces see plenty of foot traffic, the risk of accidents happening is higher. This is where carpet floors come in handy.

    Compared to hard, non-impact absorbing surfaces, wall-to-wall carpeting is inherently slip-resistant. Aside from preventing slips altogether, this flooring material also helps reduce the severity of injury should a person slip and fall.

    This is why carpets are particularly helpful for establishments that cater to children and elderly people.

    6. Optimum comfort

    Comfort is probably one thing that carpets provide that no other flooring material can match. Aside from giving an overall sense of well-being, the soft and plush characteristics of this flooring material also make walking and standing for longer periods less strenuous. Plus, the plush and soft texture that most carpets have offers private rooms and offices a professional yet welcoming look.

    7. Better insulation

    Speaking of comfort, carpets also make hot or cold weather more bearable. This is because carpets offer better insulation than most flooring materials. As a result, they reduce the need for air conditioning and effectively lower your heating and cooling expenses.

    8. Lower carbon footprint

    Today, going green and becoming more eco-conscious are trends that dominate different industries; interior design is no exception.

    When it comes to carpeting, two of the most popular eco-conscious options are natural fiber carpets and recycled carpets.

    Certain carpet fibers – like wool – are made from natural and renewable sources. It has been used for centuries, yet it still is considered one of the sturdiest carpet fibers available today. Plus, it comes from sheep, which means – so long as the species thrive – there will always be wool that can be transformed into soft and plush carpets.

    Meanwhile, recycled carpeting makes use of post-industrial content acquired from various sectors. With carpet-making technology becoming more advanced, even old carpets can be made new again, removing the need to acquire additional raw materials.

    Comfort, durability, and style

    Carpets are an excellent choice for commercial space flooring. Whether you’re after comfort, durability, style, or all three, there are many reasons to pick this flooring material for your business.

    When it comes to comfortable flooring options, NGC Nafees offers only the best. Visit our showrooms and check our web pages for a peek at the luxurious carpets that are available.

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