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NGC Nafees Joins Love That Design Community

NGC Nafees Joins Love That Design Community

27th October 2023

With a focus on making unique surface finishes more accessible, NGC Nafees joins the Love That Design Community.

Established in 2006 primarily as a wallpaper-offering enterprise, NGC Nafees has transitioned into being one of the finest surface finishing suppliers across UAE. With a solid run of more than a decade and a half, they now provide solutions for wall coverings, flooring, and fabrics. But it’s apparent that the portfolio expansion is just the beginning for the company. Their passion for interior design reflects in their vibrant product catalogue.

Providing a magnanimous range of products from 50+ brands across the US and Europe, NGC Nafees is one of the most versatile suppliers in the surface finishing market. Staying true to its tagline of “Elevating spaces, one finish at a time”, their products display a vast array of textures, patterns, and colours.

The team at NGC Nafees thrives by analysing design trends and ideas that fuel the company to be more innovative. The company also has a flair for sustainability and makes a conscious attempt to be mindful of its carbon footprint. It makes sustainable materials and products more accessible by associating with brands that are environmentally-responsible.

“NGC Nafees specialises in wallcoverings, floors, and fabrics. I envision a world where every space tells a unique and captivating story. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and creativity sets us apart in the industry. With each product we create, we strive to transform interiors into functional, sustainable & sophisticated spaces, comparable to art, and to bring beauty and comfort to people’s lives. Our success lies in the harmony we create between aesthetics and functionality, and we will continue to push the boundaries of design to bring remarkable experiences to our customers.”

– James Prathap, General Manager of NGC Nafees.

NGC Nafees has worked on a number of large-scale projects like Emirates Park Zoo Resort across F&B, healthcare, hospitality and government sectors. Just last year NGC was selected as a supplier for wall covering in the iconic Marsa Al Arab hotel, and has since added the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr as a custom carpet supplier and Meydan as a custom carpet and wallcoverings supplier to the list.

NGC Nafees aims to take their surface finishing products to a larger audience, showcase their participation in regional projects and partake in industry discussions.

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