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    Modulyss Now Available At NGC Nafees

    Modulyss Now Available At NGC Nafees

    9th January 2020

    We are pleased to announce that NGC Nafees is now carrying Modulyss in our growing range of walls, floors, and fabrics.

    With more offices trying to achieve a more welcoming and comfortable workplace, carpet tiles are popular commercial flooring option. First, they are low maintenance. Second, they help lessen noise making them ideal for open plan offices –which, by the way, continues to replace the traditional cubicles. And what better way to serve this need than to bring in the pioneer when it comes to carpet tiles.

    Modulyss carpet tiles are known for their long life with the best retention of color. It offers a wide selection of carpet tiles available in various colors and complementing designs. And each one of its collection is always a perfect balance of design, purpose, and sustainable.

    With the customers in mind, Modulyss carpet tiles are produced to satisfy the need we most likely don’t recognize. Its shock-absorbing backing in some of their collections promises to give a walking comfort in office floors. And even allows better communication with its noise-reduction backing.

    Modulyss offers architectural carpet tile solutions for commercial spaces such as offices, banks, public buildings, schools, universities and hotels.

    To learn more about Modulyss, read here or call us at +971 4 269 7272.

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