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    Interior Styling Guide 101: How to Layer Rugs Over Carpets

    Interior Styling Guide 101: How to Layer Rugs Over Carpets

    28th May 2023

    There are many ways to add visual interest to a room in your home, and adding a beautiful rug is one of them. If you’re a homeowner with wall-to-wall carpets in Dubai, know that laying down rugs on your carpeted floors is definitely not off-limits to you. On the contrary, layering rugs over carpets is a great way to infuse your living spaces with a touch of personality and even make them more comfortable overall for you and your family.

    Need a little more convincing?

    Why Layer Rugs Over Carpets?

    ● It can freshen up the look of a room without requiring a complete overhaul.

    When you think about changing up the design of your rooms, your mind might immediately spiral around thoughts of tearing down walls, hammering in new fixtures, or painting over everything in a brand-new shade.

    However, the changes you must make certainly don’t have to be so drastic. This simple act of putting down an area rug can immediately create a fresh visual impact. It’s an especially perfect solution if you’re renting and cannot make major renovations in your space.

    ● With so many rug and carpet designs, there are virtually countless ways you can transform the look and feel of your space.

    The exciting part about using area rugs over carpets is that there are so many rug and carpet designs available, so there are limitless possibilities for transforming the look of your rooms. The right combination of rug and carpet you choose will yield a unique and pleasing result.

    If it’s your first time to layer rugs and carpets, here’s a helpful interior design guide you can follow.

    4 Layering Tips From the Experts

    1. Where to Start? Choose a Room with More Space Than Furniture.

    For best results, always select a room with plenty of space to move around, not one cramped with too much furniture and decor. There’s no use accentuating a space with rugs if they won’t be prominent in a visually busy space.

    Rugs can help create different vignettes or distinct sections in a large space. For example, a base rug that covers most of the floor can be visually divided by putting smaller rugs underneath the sofa and a couple of chairs.

    Adding an area rug can freshen up a simple or minimalist bedroom or living room. If, for example, the space has colorful home wallpaper with a relatively striking design, you can still work with that, too. Pair a solid rug with another patterned one to create a balance.


    2. Crazy for color? Consider layering rugs within the same color family.

    Most people love using colors to decorate their space, but combining too many or too contrasting ones can spell disaster. In this respect, simpler is better.

    Instead of introducing a rug color that would aggressively clash with the rest of the space for the sake of surprise, choose a rug that complements the color of your current carpet because they’re within the same shades of one color. Another tip if you love color is to go bold with the rug if the carpet is plain or neutral.


    3. Easing into design changes? Choose between patterns and textures.

    If too much color isn’t your thing, there are other ways to make exciting design changes using rugs. You can play with patterns and textures instead.

    Some interior design experts recommend examples like layering a patterned rug over a natural one for a harmonious look. But more adventurous homeowners could also feel free to experiment with mixing patterns with shapes and solids if it feels right. Just keep the patterned piece on top for some visual fun. And here’s a bonus: Patterns are excellent at subtly hiding the occasional stains, especially in households with children or ones that throw frequent parties.


    4. Love plush? Dial back a bit when layering rugs.

    While layering two or even three rugs can work wonders for visual appeal, it’s also essential to consider the textures of the floor coverings you choose. Thick and luxurious carpets and rugs add a softness to the space and help it feel cozy, but they can’t be used together. The layers must have firm support; otherwise, the area rug will wrinkle, shift, buckle, and be too high. You don’t want a tripping hazard in your home.

    For looped or short-pile carpets, a thick and shaggy rug is a good match. On the other hand, if your carpet is thick and plush, choose a low-pile or woven rug for layering.


    Remember: There Are No Hard and Fast Design Rules

    Of course, these tips are simple guidelines for layering rugs. At the end of the day, your home will look the most beautiful and become the coziest it can be when you follow your instincts and select the rug colors, patterns and textures you love the most.

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