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    InvisiCap -Complete Chemical Protection for Wallcoverings

    InvisiCap -Complete Chemical Protection for Wallcoverings

    14th October 2020

    With COVID-19, we have been extra particular with disinfecting any surface.  We opt for a more aggressive cleaning and disinfecting procedure across all commercial interiors. However, not all wall finishes can tolerate repeated application of stronger chemical disinfectants. With this, J Josephson introduced an effective new solution.

    InvisiCap is a PVF film applied to J Josephson’s wallcoverings that aims to protect the wallcovering from the harsh effects of chemical disinfectants. This complete chemical protection can preserve the natural look and texture of  silks, linens, woven, and other designs.

    InvisiCap protects against all cleaning and disinfecting chemicals, in any concentration.

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