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    Imaginative Wallpapers Perfect for Kids Rooms

    Imaginative Wallpapers Perfect for Kids Rooms

    31st December 2021

    Spark your child’s imagination with wallpapers perfect for kid’s rooms. From educational to fantastical, we have ideas to make your child’s space a place to remember



    A child’s bedroom can be a magical place filled with whimsy and endless stories. Decorating your child’s room is the perfect excuse to indulge in their imaginations and showcase what they love best. Plus, a bold, bright, and fun wallpaper can make playing in their room all the better.

    We have some advice to get you started in finding a wallpaper that your child will adore as they grow! Wallpaper also happens to be one of the quickest ways to infuse personality into your little one’s room, whether nursery, bedroom, or playroom.

    Types of Wallpapers

    There are many different kinds of wallpaper types to choose from these days. You aren’t limited to traditional wallpaper that’s pasted to the wall. Before finding the right wallpaper for your child, consider what type of wallpaper you want first.

    Colors and Patterns

    When it comes to color choices, there are always timeless classics to choose from. Pastels, an enduring choice such as pale pink, blue, yellow, lavender, and even peach, are some of the most popular starting points for choosing an imaginative wallpaper. Pastels can be easily patterned with neutrals, paired with varying tones in the same hue, or other contrasting or complementary pastels for a delightful visual effect.

    Don’t be afraid to go for softer neutrals as well, especially if you’re thinking of attempting to design a room that can grow with your children. Shades of gray can be combined with bright accent colors or grey wall paint with a single wallpapered accent wall. This type of color story will likely age well as your little one grows too.

    Educational Ideas

    For another accent wall idea that might excite curiosity and learning, consider a wallpaper map. A wallpaper map can work exceptionally well in a child’s room as it acts as both an educational aid as well as colorful décor. A great wallpaper company or brand should be able to offer high-quality prints with several customization options to help perfectly fit an entire wall in your child’s room. Maps tie in very well with practical flooring and furniture in a child’s room, while a patterned rug that matches drapery or bedding can add the finishing touches.

    Bold and Fun

    If you and your child are seeking something more fun and unexpected, then go bold! You can get away with bold patterns in bold colors to inject creativity and fun elements. Plus, you can avoid trends that will change while still embracing your children’s passions and interests. Most patterns won’t date as they age, so you have a lot of leeway. For example, bold colors and patterns such as these may be just the solution for you:


    One of the most important things to designing your child’s room is to allow them to be an integral part of the planning and implementation. If they are of an age to do so let them pick out what wallpaper styles suit them. If they change their mind, remember that with wallpapers like contact paper and peel & stick, can always be changed later.

    Wallpaper can help encourage them to express themselves and their creativity while helping their imagination fly. Let them create a room they can truly call their own with these imaginative wallpapers perfect for children’s rooms.

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