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    How to Design a Hotel Lobby That Will Wow Your Guests

    How to Design a Hotel Lobby That Will Wow Your Guests

    5th March 2020

    Is this your first hotel? Are you expanding your hotel chain? Do you want to do a hotel lobby makeover?

    If so, then read on and find out how particular elements such as plush hotel carpets, posh fabrics and extraordinary art pieces can transform your hotel lobby into a welcoming haven for your valued guests.

    Step Into a World of Distinction

    If you want your hotel to be head and shoulders above the rest of your competitors, paying attention to your lobby will certainly make a difference. This is an area that plays a key role in making a good first impression on the hearts and minds of your guests. As such, you should make sure that you put your best foot forward and ensure that your lobby will truly wow your patrons.

    Whether you are a high-end boutique hotel, a local hotel chain, or provide midrange accommodations, it is always wise to put extra care and effort in designing your hotel lobby.

    You must remember to create a calm and relaxing space where your guests can rest and finally take a deep breath after the hustle and bustle of traveling. Coming from hours on the plane or from a rugged road trip, perhaps, your guests will surely breathe a sigh of relief if there’s a comfortable lobby waiting for them.

    There are several ways you can elevate the look and feel of your reception area. From using luxury wallpaper to adorn your walls to picking out extraordinary art pieces as a highlight in your foyer, you have a wide selection of design elements to work with. Here are some top tips on how to turn your lobby into a remarkable receiving area for your guests:

    1. Choose a theme

    The first step to creating a warm and hospitable area for your guests is to come up with a cohesive theme. Think of a concept that goes well with what your hotel stands for. Are you a hotel that caters mostly to families? Do you position yourself as a romantic destination? Is your hotel set in a tropical paradise?

    Take these things into consideration and discuss them with your architect, interior designer, and contractor. Put your heads together to come up with a consistent look. There must be a sense of symmetry and synergy to give birth to a lobby that will really stick to the minds of your visitors.

    2. Explore the use of fabrics

    When you have decided on a general theme, then you can choose specific elements that will bring that concept to life. One such feature that you can play with is the use of fabrics.

    Fabrics can fantastically inject verve into any space. Whether you use them as drapery, as furniture upholstery, or as creative accents that can breathe life into otherwise dull corners. For example, you can dress up your windows with floor-to-ceiling drapes in calm and comforting colors.

    Add a pop of color to your sitting area with throw pillows or even a whole couch upholstered in a solid block of your theme color. You can also use luxurious textures or versatile patterns to add more personality to your set-up.

    3. Impress with incredible flooring

    Travelers coming from long-haul flights or road-weary guests will certainly welcome stepping into cushioned halls. Roll out the red carpet, so to speak, as you extend a friendly welcome to your hotel visitors.

    Pamper their every step with plush carpets that you would even want to sleep on. With a world of options when it comes to flooring nowadays, it will be a challenge to resist purchasing every stunning design you gaze upon. From wall-to-wall carpets, carpet tiles, and vinyl flooring, you have a whole selection of design and features to choose from.

    4. Wake up your walls

    Catch the eye of your guests with a dramatic wallpaper design on one wall or paper whole blocks of space with minimalist yet fashionable wall coverings.

    Whether you decide to highlight a particular panel in your lobby with a bold and daring design or go for a subtler approach, wallpapers can enliven up your lobby. There is a wide spectrum of colors, patterns, and textures that you can choose from to compliment your lobby concept. Aside from being more durable and long-lasting than paint, wallpapers afford you more versatility in terms of creative expression and architectural interpretation.

    5. Pick out impressive artwork

    You can also choose to wow your guests by picking out striking pieces of art. You can choose a huge painting as a backdrop for your reception, an exquisite glass sculpture on your entrance hall, or a thought-provoking installation hanging from your ceiling. Whatever it is that you go for, just remember that it should go well with the overall theme of your hotel.

    Some designers may also suggest using sustainable pieces such as water fixtures, decorative plants, or vertical gardens to beautify your hotel space. These artwork and creative installations can all be wonderful elements that will speak well of your hotel, as well as provide a soothing form of relaxation for your guests.

    Symbol of hospitality and goodwill

    Hotel lobbies are usually the first form of interaction with your guests. It is the face of the hotel that welcomes them and the same one that will usher them out as they conclude their stay. Therefore, it should be a comfortable place that will offer them respite upon arrival and a peaceful zone for a delightful send-off.

    Take into consideration the tips and suggestions mentioned above and you can look forward to greeting your guests with a confident smile.

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