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    Home Office Wallpaper Guide: Top Ideas and Tips for Remote Workers

    Home Office Wallpaper Guide: Top Ideas and Tips for Remote Workers

    7th April 2022

    Gray textured wallpaper as backdrop for vases display

    Today, we see more and more people working from home. Of course, one major event that has forced companies to allow work-from-home arrangements is the global pandemic. But even before that, some companies had already been conducting business with the help of remote workers or a globally distributed workforce.

    While working from home has its perks, there are also instances when employees get distracted by home life.

    At home, you’ll have kids, pets and household chores to deal with – like it or not.

    Therefore, you need to find a suitable space at home, away from distractions. And to ensure your productivity, you also have to make sure you have a proper home office setup that’s conducive to work.

    Aside from your computer, table, lighting, stationery and home office chair, you also need to consider the overall look of your home office. With the right home wallpaper from Dubai – or perhaps even commercial wallpaper – you can find yourself feeling more at ease and focusing better on your tasks.

    So, if you’re ready to inject some new life into your home office and add a touch of professionalism to its overall ambiance, here’s a home office wallpaper guide made just for you.

    Office backdrop of tan wallpaper with abstract black and white painting

    Open vs Closed Space

    Before heading out and picking an eye-catching piece of wallpaper, make time to study the actual space you’re using. Remember, choosing the wrong wallpaper can have the opposite effect on you. Rather than helping you focus on your work, it could distract you from it.

    So, consider whether your home office is part of a bigger open space that you can wallpaper partially, or if you have a dedicated space all to yourself.

    • Open space: If your home office shares the space with a living room, consider the entire space and select a wallpaper that complements the existing color scheme or design.
    • Closed or separate space: If your office is in a completely separate room or area, you’ll have more freedom to choose the wallpaper design and color. You can design your home office as you see fit.

    Your Type of Work

    Next, it’s time to consider the type of work you’ll be doing.

    • Creative work: To inspire creativity and fire up your imagination, you might want your home office ambiance to reflect this. This means you can make use of wallpaper with bolder or highly distinctive colors and interesting patterns – to reflect the kind of work that you do and your innovative approach to work. For this, a piece from our Artifact or Mod Geo wallpaper collection could work.
    • Analytical work: If you’re into finance, IT, human resources or other professions that require plenty of research, data collection and analysis, it would be a good idea to choose a wallpaper design that allows you to focus deeply on the task at hand. You may opt for a wallpaper with a simpler or more sedate pattern, like what we have in our Nucleus wallpaper series.
    • Administrative or traditional: A home office for someone who does administrative or typical office work need not be as plain and uninspiring as its onsite counterpart. With this in mind, focus on finding a color scheme or design that makes you feel comfortable. Perhaps something from our Modern Resource wallpaper collection would suit you quite well.

    In case you’re decorating a workspace for your children, you’ll have to select wallpaper that’s not only fun to look at but also durable.

    Look for wallpaper that’s interesting and completely washable or scrubbable. Try to keep away from wallpapers made from fragile materials.

    Preferred Color Scheme

    Use white, black, and grey colors carefully as you don’t want a dark, drab or clinical-looking home office. Consider injecting some color to avoid coming up with a dreary home office setting.

    • Red and purple: Subtle hues of red and purple or splashes of these in the overall wallpaper design could add interest to your space without necessarily detracting from the overarching color scheme.
    • Green: Considered the easiest and most comfortable color around, green is always a great choice. It’s especially suitable if you work long hours as it’s a color that’s fresh and won’t “tire” you out.
    • Blue: Blue is popular for its serene, calming qualities. Depending on the hue, blue can also help boost productivity, so it’s perfect for inspiring you to meet deadline-driven work.
    • Yellow and orange: These usually bright colors evoke energy or verve and a sense of enthusiasm and optimism, making them good choices for people who need to do creative work.

    Wallpaper Pattern

    While color is known to affect one’s mood and perception, the pattern you choose can add character to a room. This means you can go with whatever wallpaper pattern you want to help establish the personality of a room.

    For example, if you want a nature-inspired look, select wallpaper featuring trees, leaves, scenery or flowers. If you go for a concrete material-like pattern, you can achieve an industrial or contemporary look. To create a distinctively feminine atmosphere, choose a floral pattern in your favorite color.

    Get Inspired in Your Home Office

    Your home office is your private workspace, and you should be able to fix it up in a way that allows you to do your best work.

    So, as you embark on your home office wallpapering project, make sure you keep this guide in mind.

    If you need help selecting the best wallpaper for your home office, contact us today.

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