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    How to Choose the Right Wallpaper for Your Children’s Bedrooms

    How to Choose the Right Wallpaper for Your Children’s Bedrooms

    5th November 2020

    When designing your child’s bedroom, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the wallpaper choices available in the market. Add to that the ever-growing interests and changing favorite characters of children as they grow, and you’ll find yourself under so much stress just thinking about how to decorate a single bedroom.

    But don’t fret. Wallpaper experts at NGC Nafees understand this and are ready to help you make the right decision. To start, here’s a quick guide to choosing the best home wallpapers for your children’s bedrooms:

    Tip #1: Let the child decide, but be sure to provide guidance.

    Since your child will be the one spending years in the room, why not let him make the decision?

    Wallpapering a child’s bedroom can be an enjoyable collaborative project that can bring parents and their kids together. Take advantage of this chance and work with your child in choosing a style that both of you love.

    Just remember to remain by his side during the entire process and provide guidance in picking out designs that he’ll still like in the future. Your guidance is crucial in ensuring that the wallpaper your youngster chooses will be something he would still want to see in the next few months.

    Tip #2: Think about the child’s hobbies and preferences.

    If your child is old enough to develop hobbies and preferences, be sure to incorporate them into the interior design. Pick out a wallpaper that reflects his personality. This is an excellent way to excite your child and make him feel like the room is truly his personal safe space.

    From playful wallpaper designs to geometric patterns, you should be able to bring out a strong opinion from your child in terms of how he wants the walls to look like when you talk about things he likes and dislikes. Again, the key here is to keep him involved in the selection process.

    Take note that children can change their preferences and discover new hobbies and interests as they age. Even their favorite motifs, colors, and patterns can evolve at different stages of life, which means you might have to update his wallpaper periodically.

    To avoid spending too much money changing the wallpaper for the entire room, consider creating a feature wall. To do so, select a neutral wallpaper for most of the sides of the room except one. The remaining wall should complement any changes in the room’s interior design.

    You might also want to consider the feel of the wallpaper design your child wants in his room. If it feels a bit too overwhelming for the walls, try using a more subtle design and highlight your child’s hobbies using decorative items instead.

    One way to do this is to use black-and-white wallpapers. Because of their hue, these wallpapers make other things in the room pop. They also make quite a sophisticated backdrop for things like skateboards, posters, and other items related to your child’s current interests.

    Tip #3: Keep the wallpaper age-appropriate.

    People design kids’ bedrooms at different points in life. Some have the room ready before the child is even born, while others move to a new home when their kids are old enough to get their own rooms.

    Whichever is the case, it is crucial that you match the wallpaper of the room to the age of the child (or children) who’ll live in it. To do so, consider the following tips for choosing wallpaper for the bedroom:

    Stick to primary colors for nurseries

    While most parents go for pastel hues and animal prints for nurseries, these won’t do babies any good as they have yet to develop clear eyesight.

    Considering this, parents should stick to primary colors instead, especially for a feature wall. Wallpaper designs with large patterns like simple shapes that the child can recognize are also helpful as he begins to recognize the colors and figures.

    Choose relaxing hues for toddlers’ rooms.

    Between ages two and four years old, toddlers are little explorers with seemingly unlimited energy and an unending growth spurt. At this stage, your child would already be able to differentiate more colors and would be all about practicing his motor skills.

    Since he will use his bedroom primarily for sleeping and playing, choose wallpaper colors and patterns that offer a relaxing and calming effect. This will help him get enough sleep and nourish his imagination during playtime.

    Let preschoolers in on the decision.

    Children start to develop unique preferences for certain things during their preschool years. This usually includes the color and pattern of their bedroom walls.

    As such, it is a great time to engage him in the selection of a suitable wallpaper. However, you should still consider the room’s size and layout, among other factors, before making the final decision.

    Compromise with teens and pre-teens

    Once your child enters puberty, you might observe major changes in his body and his behavior. This means that he’ll have a firmer grasp of what he wants, which can sometimes be in contrast with what you have in mind.

    The key is to compromise.

    Recommend lighter colors to make his bedroom look and feel bigger. This will also help keep the place bright, even with minimal lighting.

    Also, avoid colors that are too stimulating, especially in walls facing the bed. Instead, encourage him to choose between calming green and blue hues to encourage rest and sleep. Reds and oranges stimulate the brain, so they’re best reserved for work and study rooms.

    The Right Wallpaper for Your Child’s Ever-Changing Needs

    Wallpapers are excellent wall coverings that can be replaced as the need arises. Here at NGC Nafees UAE, we offer design selections for many different tastes.

    Check out our available wallpaper designs, and let’s have a virtual meeting so we can guide you on your wallpapering journey.

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