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    More Than Window Treatments: 5 Creative Ways to Use Curtains in Your Home

    More Than Window Treatments: 5 Creative Ways to Use Curtains in Your Home

    29th August 2022

    Curtains are typically used to cover windows, but did you know that they can also add drama, softness, and movement to any given space?

    Many homeowners and apartment dwellers find these fabric panels useful for enhancing indoor aesthetics. They also find them useful in saving space, getting shade from the sun, and enhancing privacy.

    Want to know how you can maximize this material in your interior design? Below are five creative ways to use high-end fabric curtains you should definitely try:

    1. Space Divider

    If you live in a small house or apartment, you’ll want to maximize the use of space as much as possible. This may leave you hesitant to build more walls when dividing a room into two or more sections.

    This is where curtains come to your rescue.

    Probably the most helpful home improvement hack of all, using drapes to separate sections within a single area is a creative and practical alternative, especially for those renting studio-type apartments.

    For this project, you’ll need custom-made drapery long enough to completely cover the space between the ceiling and the floor.

    Choose a material that blocks enough light. We recommend using dimout fabric that reduces light transmission (versus blackout that blocks light 100 percent).

    The design is up to you.

    You can go with a neutral hue for an already-vibrant space. This is also ideal for people who prefer a subtle approach to this curtain hack.

    Of course, if the space is relatively plain, you may want to add a splash of color using textile materials with more lively designs.

    Either way, a dimout curtain divider should filter enough light, provide privacy, and define the room’s borders while helping you save space and cost.

    2. Closet Cover

    Curtains are excellent alternatives to closet doors, especially in tight and awkward areas.
    Many interior designers use these fabric panels to hide unusually shaped storage, like those built into tight corners or curved walls. Moreover, this technique can be applied to several areas in the house:

    Bathroom and Laundry Area

    Shower curtains offer freedom of movement in the bathroom while maintaining privacy. However, those with a glass splash guard can also benefit from a drapery on the other side of the room without looking too shabby.

    Plus, you can also hang drapes to keep your washing machine and other laundry implements out of sight when not in use. This is an excellent solution to your limited bathroom space woes.


    Many houses use the space under the sink as storage for cleaning products and other materials. To conceal this area and still keep your cleaning tools easily accessible, you can create a small row of short curtains tailored to the height of your sink.


    Walk-in closets add a luxurious element to a bedroom. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to have one built into their homes.

    Whether you have limited space or don’t want to spend too much on home improvements, you can easily create your very own walk-in closet using curtains. All you need are rolling curtain tracks and drapes.


    Run the fabric along one wall that separates a narrow area or small corner from the rest of the room. Then, hang your clothes on a rolling rack and chaise, bring them inside the concealed space, and voila! The perfect walk-in closet for your little bedroom.

    3. Wall Cover

    Many people are quite fond of using curtains to cover windows and storage spaces. However, only a few have discovered that they can also use fabrics to deal with irregularly shaped and less-than-appealing walls.

    You can use drapes to create a visually appealing space, especially if you can’t commit to a wallpaper design or paint color or are not allowed to make changes to the structure.
    Besides, curtains also make for a wonderful textural backdrop for vibrant art and furniture, creating a moody vibe to the room.


    4. Canopy Bed Implement

    Are you having difficulty falling asleep in your bedroom? Perhaps the space is not cozy enough or gets too much light because of an open floor plan?

    Whatever the case, you can easily solve the issue with the help of curtains. All you need to do is create a canopy using these fabric panels around your sleeping area to keep the light away. You don’t have to buy a four-poster bed to achieve this either. Simply install a curtain track around your sleeping space and hang a blackout curtain to keep the light at bay.


    5. Patio Shade

    Drapes don’t have to be used inside the house. In fact, another exceedingly creative way of using these fabric panels is by shading your patio.

    Depending on the patio design and your purpose for introducing drapery into the area, you can use blackout or sheer elongated curtains that can be tied back or spread out.

    Some professionals and interior-design-savvy homeowners even use a combination of the two for a double-layered shade. This way, you can control the amount of light that enters and maintain your privacy in this outdoor space on your property.


    Get Creative With Curtains

    Curtains are among the most common elements in interior design. However, you can get creative with these fabrics and use them beyond window treatments.

    Not sure how to match drapes with your home wallpaper?

    Check out our Project Portfolio or visit our showroom to get helpful interior design ideas for your home.

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