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    How to Create Eye-Catching Designs with Carpet Tiles

    How to Create Eye-Catching Designs with Carpet Tiles

    28th June 2021

    Carpet tiles have the advantage of being easy to clean and install because they come in small squares rather than the usual rolls. When one square becomes torn or stained, you can easily take it out, get rid of the stain, and put it back or replace it if you can’t fix it. It can take up to thousands of years for the traditional carpet to decompose in landfills, so opting for carpet tiles is an ecologically responsible choice, especially when they are recyclable or have a high recycled content. As for installation, you can place carpet tiles over your existing floors, eliminating the need to remove the flooring adhesive and old flooring.

    Moreover, carpet tiles in Dubai are versatile. They come in a variety of textures, patterns, and colors to achieve any style you prefer. You can also combine them in any way you can imagine.

    Though laying carpet squares seems like a straightforward process, knowing how things should be done step-by-step, along with other installation guides, is crucial to achieving success. This information will help ensure that all tiles are laid correctly and evenly so they will not just look great, but last long, too.

    Here’s everything you should know if you decide to get creative with carpet tiles on your property.

    General installation guidelines

    The tools you’ll need for the carpet tile installation include:

    • Tape measure
    • Knife (carpet or utility)
    • Cutting mat
    • Chalk mat
    • Eye protection

    Prior to installing the carpet, check all materials for finish, sheen, color, and defects. Also, ensure that there is proper lighting.

    Install carpet tiles from different boxes at one time to ensure an excellent color and shade mix.

    3 Steps to Carpet Tiles Installation

    There is no definite equation to getting creative with carpet tiles. While the possibilities for creating custom sizes and patterns are endless, here’s a basic step-by-step guide to arranging them.

    Step 1: Decide on a pattern

    Modular tiles give you a sense of control over the carpet pattern. For example, you can use carpet squares with similar colors or mix and match a few pieces to create a unique look.

    When it comes to laying out the carpet tiles, you can select from one of these options:

    • Monolithic – This refers to pointing the arrows imprinted at the back of the carpet tile in the same direction.
    • Brick – In this layout, all the arrows will also be installed in one direction, but the horizontal rows must be offset by half the tile’s width.
    • Quarter-turned – This means that the arrows will be positioned perpendicular to each other or 90 degrees on every other carpet square.
    • Herringbone – This is a classic flooring pattern wherein the carpets are arranged in an L shape and laid at a 45-degree angle.
    • Ashlar – This refers to pointing all the arrows in the same direction, but every row of tile is dropped vertically or offset by half the tile’s height.

    Some carpet tiles are meant for a random layout, wherein the squares are installed without any regard for the arrow direction. Here are some ideas you can try.

    • Mix-and-match – Start with patterned tiles, then grab several solid color choices from them.
    • Opt for a checkerboard pattern for your kid’s room.
    • Alternate striped tiles in a checkerboard pattern or keep one tile consistent and use two different colors interchangeably.
    • Line up at least three different colors in diagonal lines.
    • Orient patterned carpet tiles in different directions.
    • Define your dining area by customizing the size of the tiles for the chairs and tables.
    • Go wall-to-wall

    To ensure that your preferred layout works with the tiles you want, double-check the product specifications carefully. You may also pre-lay some carpet tiles in different installation patterns to get an idea of how they will look in your room.

    Step 2: Start installing the tiles in the center of the room

    To figure out where the center of the room is, measure an equal distance from the ends of the wall and take a chalk line in both directions. Where the two lines intersect is where you must first lay out the carpet tiles.

    Step 3: Peel and stick

    Proper placement is the key to the carpet tile installation. Peel off the carpet tile’s release paper and stick each square to the floor. Secure it to the floor by applying weight to it. You can press your hand firmly over it or walk on it carefully. Should the tile be misplaced, lift it immediately, remove any particles or dust, and reposition it properly. Continue installing the remaining tiles until you reach the final rows. In most cases, you may need to measure and cut the last carpet tiles to the proper length.

    Important Note: Make sure that all seams are snug. Also, dry lay the carpet tiles and check that all arrows are facing the direction of your desired pattern before putting weight on them. An indication that they are not placed in the same direction of the desired outcome is that they’ll appear different in color.

    Post-installation care and maintenance

    To keep your carpet tiles looking great for a long time, take note of these care and maintenance tips.

    • Vacuum the carpet tiles routinely. They can also be hosed down or shampooed for cleaning. But like any flooring surface, use caution whenever they are wet.
    • Close drapes during peak sunlight hours. Extreme heat can lead to possible fading effects and thermal degradation.
    • When moving appliances or heavy furnishings, place a piece of plywood underneath the object to be moved to distribute its weight evenly. You can use a piece of clean blanket for lighter pieces. Cushion sharp edges also because they can tear or scratch your flooring.

    Whether you want an old style or modern look for your property, carpet tiles offer an ecological and cost-effective flooring solution that allows you to express your personality and creativity.

    Contact us at NGC Nafees now if you are looking for reputable carpet tiles suppliers in the UAE to assist you in buying high-quality flooring solutions for your home.

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