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6 Ways to Create an Accent Wall With Wallpaper

6 Ways to Create an Accent Wall With Wallpaper

20th April 2020

Sometimes a single change can make a whole world of difference in the look and feel of a home. One of the easiest ways to implement such a change is by creating an accent wall.

An accent wall is described as a wall that looks different from all the other walls in a room. It instantly draws attention, and it’s typically the centre wall of a room.

If you feel like creating an accent wall to make your home more stylish and interesting, there are several approaches you can take. You have the option to paint, of course. You can also put in new tiles or stones to provide the wall with a completely new feel. You can likewise deck it out with wall art. Or, you can simply apply wallpaper.

Out of the different ways of creating an accent wall enumerated above, using residential wallpaper is perhaps the one that yields the best results. Why? This is because wallpaper can achieve the beauty that the other options can deliver and more. Additionally, applying wallpaper is a breeze — you can get your beautiful accent wall in a day.

Using Residential Wallpaper to Catch the Eye

So, if you have decided on wallpaper as the star material for your wall makeover, we have listed below the six different strategies you can use to beautify a wall.

1. Wow with a unique pattern

Using an unexpected pattern or wallpaper design is the easiest way to turn any wall into an accent one. All you really have to do is to check the design selection of trusted product suppliers and pick out a pattern that you know will automatically make your wall stand out.

Currently, some of the most popular patterns for accent walls are those that give off a strong retro vibe.

2. Create framed art with wallpaper

If you are keen on taking the DIY route for creating an accent wall, use samples of residential wallpaper and place these in different sizes of picture frames, which you can easily buy from hobby or dollar stores. Let the design, print, or pattern of the wallpaper work as visual art.

And to make the framed wallpaper really stand out, hang it on the wall strategically. You can go for a gallery effect, which interior decorators are huge fans of. For this, you’ll have to follow the 57-inch on the centre rule. This means, placing the central framed art at 57 inches, which is the average human eye-height and then adding other pieces in profusion around it.

3. Introduce a different texture

One of the lovely qualities of today’s stylish residential wallpapers is the variety of textures available. Paper can be smooth, rough, furry, grainy, embossed, and so much more. Therefore, if you want to enhance the room dimensions, it’s best to use highly textured wallpaper for the accent wall.

4. Use a high-contrast colour

This is what most people do with paint that can also be accomplished using wallpaper. Residential wallpaper comes in a wide variety of colours, and for sure, you won’t have any trouble looking for one in a tone opposite the colour of the other walls in the room. Not only that, but you can also choose from different finishes for a true standout of an accent wall.

5. Look into geometric designs

Geometric designs for wallpaper are all the rage these days. There are numerous patterns to choose from, which play not only with shapes but gorgeous colour combinations, as well. Our Mod Geo Wallpaper collection at NGC Nafees includes an extensive range of this vintage-inspired aesthetic. You will surely delight in choosing wallpaper from this range to use for your home accent walls.

6. Create a mosaic design by highlighting the panels of your wall with wallpaper

If you have panelled walls, experiment with different designs of wallpaper for your accent wall and achieve a mosaic design. Take advantage of leftovers or samples from stores and use the panels as frames for the wallpaper. This is an excellent and truly artistic way to create an accent wall on a low budget.

These are just six ways to amp up the style of your home by creating an accent wall. And to further make these stylish wallpapered accent walls even more attractive, do not shy away from decorating them further. Add lighting fixtures and other sculptural elements, such as columns, sconces, brackets, and trimmings.

Buy Your Wallpaper From a Trusted Supplier

Indeed, there are so many possibilities in making your home cosier and more visually appealing using only wallpaper. Creating an accent wall with it is just one way. So, if you have other home improvement projects in mind that require wallpaper, make sure to buy this material from us, NGC Nafees, the most trusted supplier in the UAE.

Our selection will not disappoint because we’re always adding new designs to keep up with trends and the fast-evolving requirements of our customers.

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