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    The products are stocked & available for immediate dispatch in Dubai. In case it’s out of stock we would make sure that the replenishment will be done in 7-10 days.

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    For 2022, Casadeco has decided to bring together a collection of new textile materials. It all started with the delightfully slanted Denim, then a couture nod with Patchwork. The ethnic and soft Tartan adds dimension to your walls and Voile De Lin brings a breath of fresh air. The textured Toile De Lin vies with the warmth of Bouclette. This compilation gradually reveals a technique, a material but also its own story : comforting Scottish tartan, the ruggedness of the jeans worn by American pioneers, the delicacy of linen so dear to Louis XV…Closer to home, textile is part of the history of the Hauts-de-France region : the manufacture in Roubaix, cambric linen, Calais lace and the revival of Made in France. Through this collection, Casadeco brings your walls to life with a vibrant textile epic !