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    REFINED STRUCTURES 3 Designer Wallpaper

    Designer Wallpaper

    This is a handpicked series from the best designers around the globe. Once the selection made, the product can be made available in 10 to 15 days -subject to availability with the supplier.

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    The Refined Structures 3 collection takes inspiration from the vast universe of Armani/Casa design. The vinyl support - leit motif of the collection as per the previous Refined Structures collections – is used strategically to recreate a three-dimensional texture and rich material effects, thanks to specifically conceived production techniques, ranging from fashion to nature. Typical irregularities of shantung silk and the defining pattern of moiré finishes recall the world of precious yarns and fabrics; plant elements, such as bamboo and gingko leaves, are a tribute to the charm of the Far East; trompe-l’oeil and boiserie effects remind the aesthetic of antique wallcoverings, reinterpreted in a contemporary way; intertwined motifs celebrate craftsmanship and traditional handwork.