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    LABYRINTH Designer Wallpaper

    Designer Wallpaper

    This is a handpicked series from the best designers around the globe. Once the selection made, the product can be made available in 10 to 15 days -subject to availability with the supplier.

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    Come, we get lost, we get lost, we escape. Whether concrete or abstract, of vegetation or stones, the labyrinth nourishes all the paths of our imagination. And this season, it also nourishes our decor. The “labyrinth” collection chicly borrows this maze of dead ends, false trails and paths that lead to nothing and everything at the same time. Here, the space is distorted: the 2D decoration is seen in 3D, unless it is the opposite. Here the place is upside down and the back side is right side up, the stairs lead nowhere and the doors lead everywhere. Here, the patterns are variable geometry, sometimes small patterns, sometimes large patterns, sometimes wire patterns, two-tone or multicolored. Out of the question to turn back: