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GILDED Designer Wallpaper

Designer Wallpaper

This is a handpicked series from the best designers around the globe. Once the selection made, the product can be made available in 10 to 15 days -subject to availability with the supplier.

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Gilded brings a glow to your interior. Both literally and metaphorically. Infuse your space with the captivating shadow effects and silken sheen of a lavish palm motif. Or dress your walls with a floral pattern that honours the finest handmade lace. Shimmering glass beads create an almost fairy-tale effect in this geometric-inspired design with an oriental touch, a homage to artisanal stained glass. A meandering floral pattern in layers of varying transparency flirts with the light in tonal metallic hues. Finely drawn shimmering lines in an array of hues enliven a pattern of stylised abstract leaves. And what about a bold herringbone motif of inlaid wood embellished with a subtle lustrous trim? In the digitally printed wallpaper, brilliant metallic lines alternate with veneer blocks and diamonds. The sumptuous design of translucent crystal - an opulent eyecatcher in wall-sized format - is just as captivating.