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    Carpet Tile Designed for Social Distancing & Safety Guidelines

    Carpet Tile Designed for Social Distancing & Safety Guidelines

    8th July 2020

    As COVID-19 measures are slowly eased around the world, people are gradually returning to public and commercial spaces. Wanting to secure the health and safety of employees and visitors, companies are looking for a way to adhere to social distancing and safety guidelines in a manner that’s also visually appealing. In response to this, we have developed signs. This temporary range provides a flexible, simple and cost effective solution for guiding people through spaces safely and easily.


    There are 4 different signs —Arrow, Hands, Distance, Feet— that can signal people and help them with wayf inding. Each inlay tile is made up of 2 colours from the First Forward range and can easily be placed into an existing floor layout. We have selected 8 colours in total, and any colour combination with these 8 colours is possible.

    Signs comes in an A-B and B-A colour combination of your selected colours and has to be ordered per 10m².

    For more information, send us an email or call us at +971 4 269 7272.

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