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    All About Contract Wallcoverings

    All About Contract Wallcoverings

    12th November 2019

    We have a vast collection of Contract wallcoverings design for any project application, whether it is; design orientated, cost-sensitive or requires quick lead times.

    All of our products meet or exceed the required specifications needed for projects within the United Arab Emirates.  All of our products come with a CLASS A Fire Rating Certificate. For speciality projects such as; Hospitals or Schools please contact us for our Anti-Bacterial contract Wall-coverings.

    NGC Now has 5 contract wallcovering brands; York Contract, J. Josephson, Versa, Fidelity & Questex.

    York Contract
    has a passion for creating designs with varieties of materials and effects.  With over 15,000 wallpapers from some of the worlds most renown Wallpaper designers such as; Stacy Garcia, Candice Olson & Joanna Gains.

    J. Josephson
    is the largest commercial wallcovering manufacturer in North America, selling to over 50 countries worldwide.  J. Josephson aspires to be innovative and vigilant in their pursuit of new and unique technologies and to constantly evaluate their processes in order to lead the industry with quality products.

    Wallcovering takes you where you need to go. Subtle to Sensational. Classic to Contemporary. Streamlined to Sophisticated.  As one of the large Wallcovering manufactures internationally Versa has flexible pricing for larger projects ( > 15,000sqm) We have installed over 100,000sqm in Paramount Towers by Damac.

    has taken a leadership role in producing environmentally friendly products. A decision was made over twenty years ago to eliminate all solvents, ozone-depleting chemicals and heavy metals from their production processes. Today they not only follow those procedures but they also produce exclusively low VOC emitting vinyl and use the backings of recycled products whenever possible.

    when it comes to quick lead times, they have more flexible manufacturing facilities that enable them to run large quantities at once.  Questex also provides a comprehensive solution for custom printed wallcoverings matching any design or colour.

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