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    Why Design and Interior Pros Choose Spradling Coated Fabrics

    Why Design and Interior Pros Choose Spradling Coated Fabrics

    2nd January 2022

    Textiles have numerous uses in different industries.

    In interior design, fabrics are used in floor coverings, furnishings, bedding, table covers, and other household goods.

    Textiles are also used in the automotive, hospitality, healthcare, and industrial sectors.

    However, not all fabrics are the same. There are not that many that can be used across various industries since they are not durable or versatile enough to meet the demands they need to satisfy.

    What Are Coated Fabrics?

    According to fabrics suppliers in Dubai, coated fabrics have numerous applications and can be used in more industries because of their qualities and features.

    Coated fabrics undergo a special process to become more functional. They also possess additional useful properties, such as being waterproof or stain- and UV-resistant.

    Due to their enhanced characteristics and features, coated textiles are used in a variety of applications in more industries.

    What Are Spradling Coated Fabrics?

    Since 1964, Spradling International Inc. has been designing solutions for seating environments. Their products range from standard upholstery vinyl to high-end leather alternatives.

    The company has perfected their processes for designing, developing, and producing coated fabrics that their products are used and known around the world.

    Spradling has different brands with various qualities and features ideal for numerous applications. Some of these are:


    Permablok fabrics come with a protective vinyl coating that can create a tough, effective barrier against abrasions and stains in healthcare and hospitality settings. This coating also has antibacterial and anti-abrasion features.

    Permablok Plus+

    This newly-developed protective coating combines the tried and tested Permablok formula with better resistance to stains. Permablok Plus+ fabrics offer stronger protection against stains, making cleaning easier and reducing the likelihood of dye transfer.


    Spradling’s patented barrier coating makes removing stains and maintenance quick and easy. Permaguard also provides fabrics with unrivalled long-term resistance to abrasion, scratches, and scuffs.


    This specially-designed coating is ideal for polymers such as thermoplastic elastomers or TPE and digital printing products. The formula gives textiles protection from scratches and marks caused by handling and abrasion.


    PBG+ provides excellent fabric protection by combining Spradling’s most effective abrasion and stain resistance defence systems: Permablok3 and Permaguard. Textiles with this coating perform well in high-traffic areas.


    This brand is a specialty knitted textile manufactured with 100% polyester yarn to create textile backing with bulk, strength, and softness. When combined with a vinyl surface, the result is an unusually soft fabric with enhanced tear and stretch strength.

    Ultra Hi-Loft2

    Ultra Hi-Loft2 is a textured high-pile spun-polyester designed to enhance the touch and feel of select contract quality coated fabrics. The result is the improved tailorability of textiles with a characteristic pleasing appearance in various seating applications.

    What Makes Spradling Coated Fabrics Stand Out?

    Below are the specific advantages that set Spradling coated fabrics apart from other textile products:

    • They are versatile enough to replicate the look and feel of leather or fabric, or to create an entirely different, unique look.
    • They are easy to clean and maintain and can look new even after years of use.
    • They have intrinsic fire-resistant properties, which can help end-users meet regulations and promote consumer safety.
    • They can be manufactured to have antibacterial protection and make textiles resistant to stains and mould and mildew build-up.
    • They can be produced to be weather-resistant so they can be suitable for use in indoor and outdoor applications.
    • They are cost-effective options since they help create quality textile products at competitive prices.

    Where are Spradling Coated Fabrics Often Used?

    Spradling coated fabrics have numerous applications in various industries:

    Residential interior design

    The durability, longevity, stain resistance, ease of maintenance, and other unique qualities of Spradling coated fabrics make them ideal choices for residential upholstery. Since they come in various colours and textures, the textiles will look great on any indoor or outdoor furniture.

    Commercial and office spaces

    The outstanding durability and design of Spradling coated fabrics are perfect for covering panels, walls, and office furniture even in the most elegant or high-traffic workplaces.


    With their wide range of designs, Spradling coated fabrics are excellent options for various textile applications in hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, and other leisure venues. Like good-quality hospitality wallpaper, their performance and durability ensure they can last long and look incredible even in heavily frequented areas.


    Spradling has always been committed to providing textiles suitable for use in the healthcare sector. Their coated fabrics meet the technical standards required for furniture used in medical settings since they have antibacterial and stain- and abrasion-resistant features and are durable and long-lasting.

    Outdoor spaces

    The brand’s coated fabrics are designed to resist the toughest conditions in outdoor environments. Their anti-stain treatment, UV- and mildew-resistance, and impermeability makes them perfect for furniture and other fixtures used in lawns, gardens, and other external spaces.


    Spradling coated fabrics can be used for interior and exterior features in cars, caravans and RVs, motorcycles, and vehicles used for mass transportation.


    Spradling also has an extensive collection of marine quality coated fabrics suitable for use in pleasure seacrafts and commercial vessels. All products come in classic and trending designs and colours, thereby helping create appealing interiors and exteriors.

    With the variety of products and incredible features and qualities of Spradling coated fabrics, they are perfect for any application in nearly all industries.

    Speak with our staff to know more about our extensive line-up of Spradling fabrics.

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