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    OUR PLANET Kids Wallpaper

    Kids Wallpaper

    Range of wallpapers that add a touch of fun to your little one's room. From colorful characters, animals, to cute patterns.

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    Hello world ? We know that not everything turns out as expected, but we want to state loud and in full colour just how wonderful youare! So nothing could be better than an ode to our planet to stamp a premier mixed collection dedicated to all children.The «Our Planet» collection circumnavigates the world in 80 dreams of the best our planet has to offer. And, above all, don’t start dreaming of another world. Here, the stars twinkle, the planets are aligned, there is agenuine plan to encompass the world. In places, the jungle seems to stretch out forever, the marine world rises to the surfaceand the forest is no longer scary. Over there, the dinosaurs are brought back to life, the tigers make eyes at us and the bearscamp outdoors. We may be dreaming, but we are also learning: the planets and stars tell us their names, the animal drawings combinewith small geometric patterns, nature rubs shoulders with the cosmos... all in a joyful and modern horn of plenty that is accessible to all.

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