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    MASTERPIECE Designer Wallpaper

    Designer Wallpaper

    This is a handpicked series from the best designers around the globe. Once the selection made, the product can be made available in 10 to 15 days -subject to availability with the supplier.

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    You wander endlessly through the high halls, overwhelmed by all the beauty around you. Your gaze is caught time and again. Serene still lifes, fascinating cloudy skies, and evocative landscapes, masterfully captured with paint and brush. The sunlight dances on the water and forms abstract reflections on the surface. Velvety petals, so very lifelike that they almost seem to escape from their frame. Masterpiece takes you into the intriguing world of old masters and exquisite details. So far away and yet so close. The timeless play of light and shadow, once so skilfully immortalized on canvas, translated with verve into a series of contemporary & bold wallpaper patterns.

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