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    10 Ways to Incorporate Fabric in Your Interior Design

    10 Ways to Incorporate Fabric in Your Interior Design

    8th September 2020

    Fabric is a versatile material that you can use to elevate the look and function of your home. When it comes to finding different ways to incorporate it into your interior design, you really are limited only by your imagination.

    If you are thinking of embarking on a home improvement project using high-end fabric and you want a few more ideas to work with, here are 10 worth trying out.

    1. Fashion house-inspired floors

    Take a cue from a former fashion magazine editor who covered the floors of her villa with luxurious fabric. She said she decided to do so after seeing fashion houses and runways covered with fabric not only to make the floors safer to walk on, but also as a reinforcement of superior style.

    These fashion house-inspired floors are perfect for grand rooms or areas of the house where you want to highlight your aesthetic sensibilities fully.

    2. Matching drapes and seat covers

    If you believe that uniformity is a cornerstone of elegant interior design, one of the best ways to demonstrate this is by having drapes or curtains and seat covers custom-made. Choose a fabric that is durable and in a pattern that you would love to use in profusion for your home, and find a professional who can create matching drapes and seat covers for you.

    3. New lamp shades

    Fabric is likewise a fantastic material to use in giving old lamp shades a new look that fits the style you’re creating. This is a project that you can take on even if you’re not an experienced DIY-er. Basic sewing skills are required, and if you don’t want to sew, strong fabric glue will do the trick in securing the fabric to the shade’s frame.

    4. Beautiful duvets and pillowcases

    Bedroom features will pop if you use beautiful duvets and pillowcases for the bed. There are so many designs or patterns to choose from if you have a particular look in mind for your sleeping quarters. What’s more, you can combine different fabrics to create more delightfully textured beddings.

    5. Cohesive collection of cushion covers

    If you have a collection of cushions for your den and grand room to give your house a more charming appeal, it would be nice to provide them with new covers that you can mix and match to work with the color palette of the rooms. Home and lifestyle magazines offer a myriad of cushion cover designs that feature a single fabric pattern, which will allow you to create a visually cohesive collection of cushions to display around your home.

    6. Framed wall art

    Some fabric patterns are pretty as pictures. Therefore, you can frame them to serve as wall art around your home. They make for affordable and easy-to-make wall decor to bring character to your house.

    7. Fabric-wrapped old wooden furniture

    Wrapping old wooden furniture such as cabinets, headboards, and tables in fabric is another excellent way to improve the interior design of your home. This project can breathe new life to decorative and functional pieces that have lost their beauty over the years. You will need wood and fabric glue to seamlessly attach the fabric to the furniture, and Mod Podge to make the fabric-wrapped item easy to clean and water-repellent.

    8. Festive table and mantel runners

    To give your home interior a more festive appearance, especially during the holidays, include table and mantel runners to your improvement project as well. This is a DIY effort that even the biggest amateurs can do. It’s all about cutting weighty fabric to size and securing the edges with stitches or glue to prevent fraying. You can create many of these runners using an assortment of patterns to fit the different seasons or occasions you celebrate at home.

    9. Fabric-lined storage baskets, boxes, and drawers

    Level up the different storage solutions you have at home with fabric. For baskets and boxes, you can sew removable pouches that will not only give them a homey feel, but make them easy to clean, too. As for drawers, cut fabric to size and glue them to the insides for a nice pop of color every time you need to retrieve stored items.

    10. Dramatic bed canopy

    Finally, bring drama to the bedroom by creating a canopy over the bed. Some people like to use light, mesh fabrics, which are ideal for the summer to keep buzzing bugs out of the sleeping space when they want to let the natural breeze in. Meanwhile, others prefer heavy fabrics for a bed canopy to create the look of a royal bed-chamber. Whichever of these you go for, the canopy will be an improvement to the overall interior design of the bedroom.

    These are 10 great ways to incorporate fabric in your interior design. Some of these projects are quite easy to do that you can just dedicate a few hours a day to complete them.

    For a stunning collection of high-end fabrics to use for your home improvement efforts, visit NGC Nafees. We are the top fabric suppliers in the UAE; we carry fabrics that you can use for everything from upholstery to curtains, cushion covers, and more. We continuously add new designs and materials to our selection so you can be sure to find fabric patterns and styles to fit your needs. Check out our product gallery to see all the available options.

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